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Record in bin/cdist-type-emulator
Fix __cdist_object_base_dir issue (vs. $__cdist_out_object_dir in deploy-to)
| New problem:
Parts of the core use argv (see bin/cdist-deploy-to),
assign this either an own name or a "standard" name.
cdist-config has a function that uses this "standard" var:
/home/users/nico/oeffentlich/rechner/projekte/cdist/bin/cdist-config: Zeile 229: __cdist_object_base_dir ist nicht gesetzt.
In essence:
- either argv lists get much longer (supplying all relevant arguments)
- OR cdist-core commands depend on the given environment:
- makes debugging more look like
var1="" var2="" var3="" ... cdist-$tool_to_debug
vs. currently
var1="" cdist-$tool_to_debug opt1 opt2