define __cdist_config at beginning

Signed-off-by: Nico Schottelius <>
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Nico Schottelius 2011-02-17 09:16:44 +01:00
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@ -20,32 +20,35 @@ eof
# Tell the user what we do, so this script makes sense during execution
set -x
# prepare use:
# prepare use (only from top level directory)
export PATH="$PATH:$(pwd -P)/bin"
export __cdist_config="$(pwd -P)/conf"
# Test first level manifest execution
__cdist_config=$(pwd -P)/conf cdist-manifest-init localhost "$object_tmp"
cdist-manifest-init localhost "$object_tmp"
# See what it generated
find "$object_tmp"
# Generate all objects, including from types that generate objects as well
__cdist_config=$(pwd -P)/conf cdist-manifest-recursive-run localhost "$object_tmp"
cdist-manifest-recursive-all localhost "$object_tmp"
# See what it generated
find "$object_tmp"
# Run explorer on a "remote" host
__cdist_config=$(pwd -P)/conf cdist-explorer-run localhost "$explorer_tmp"
cdist-explorer-run localhost "$explorer_tmp"
# Display result
find "$explorer_tmp"
# Generate code for all objects in object dir
__cdist_config=$(pwd -P)/conf cdist-object-codegen-all localhost "$object_tmp" "$exec_tmp"
cdist-object-codegen-all localhost "$object_tmp" "$exec_tmp"
# Display result
find "$exec_tmp"