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@ -18,7 +18,7 @@ variables, see cdist-environment(7)).
Contains the (static) configuration like manifests, types and
- conf_dir/manifests/init:
- conf_dir/manifest/init:
This is the central entry point used by cdist-manifest-init(1).
It is an executable (+x bit set) shell script that can use
values from the explorers to decide which configuration to create
@ -26,36 +26,36 @@ variables, see cdist-environment(7)).
It should be primary used to define mapping from configurations to hosts.
- conf_dir/manifests/*:
- conf_dir/manifest/*:
All other files in this directory are not directly used by Cdist, but you
can seperate configuration mappings, if you have a lot of code in the
manifest/init file. This may also be very helpful to have different admins
maintain different groups of hosts.
- conf_dir/explorers/<name>
- conf_dir/explorer/<name>
Contains explorers to be run on the target hosts, see cdist-explorers(7).
- conf_dir/types/
- conf_dir/type/
Contains all available types, which are used to provide
some kind of functionality. See cdist-stages(7).
- conf_dir/types/<name>/manifest:
- conf_dir/type/<name>/manifest:
Used to generate additional objects from a type.
See cdist-stages(7), cdist-types(7).
- conf_dir/types/<name>/gencode:
- conf_dir/type/<name>/gencode:
Used to generate code to be executed on the client.
See cdist-types(7).
- conf_dir/types/<name>/parameters/required:
- conf_dir/type/<name>/parameters/required:
Parameters required by type, \n seperated list.
See cdist-types(7).
- conf_dir/types/<name>/parameters/optional:
- conf_dir/type/<name>/parameters/optional:
Parameters optionally accepted by type, \n seperated list.
See cdist-types(7).
- conf_dir/types/<name>/explorers:
- conf_dir/type/<name>/explorer:
Location of the type specific explorers.
See cdist-explorers(7).
@ -65,13 +65,13 @@ variables, see cdist-environment(7)).
the tmpdir or at any other location and is also available on the
- out_dir/explorers:
- out_dir/explorer:
Output of general explorers.
- out_dir/objects:
- out_dir/object:
Objects created for the host.
- out_dir/objects/<object>/explorers:
- out_dir/object/<object>/explorers:
Output of type specific explorers, per object.
- tmp_dir: Temporary storage
@ -88,7 +88,7 @@ The following functionality may be implemented in one of the next releases:
may also be used in types to gather information about other hosts
(like ssh-keys).
- cache_dir/hosts/<name>:
- cache_dir/host/<name>:
Contains the last out_dir of the specific host.