Revert "cant depend on build-helper to have cdist.version module"

This reverts commit 4a7ef82bf8.
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Steven Armstrong 2017-02-16 23:38:24 +01:00
parent 4a7ef82bf8
commit d10ba1e587

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@ -1,20 +1,9 @@
from distutils.core import setup
import cdist
import os
import re
# Ensure version is present - the bundled/shipped version contains a static version,
# the git version contains a dynamic version
import cdist.version
except ImportError:
import subprocess
version = subprocess.getoutput('git describe')
with open('cdist/', 'w') as fd:
fd.write('VERSION = "%s"\n' % version)
import cdist
def data_finder(data_dir):
entries = []
for name in os.listdir(data_dir):