[logging] Mute warning on return_output=True when running scripts.

This fixes #806 which contains more information about the issue.

The TL;DR: this warning is not being useful and hinders debugging types because
it creates an innecessary line for each explorer.

An alternative proposal was #807 but was abandoned in favour of just dropping
the warning.
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evilham 2020-04-28 14:54:51 +02:00
parent 515992249d
commit ea3bd14d8b

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@ -280,9 +280,6 @@ class Remote(object):
assert isinstance(command, (list, tuple)), (
"list or tuple argument expected, got: %s" % command)
if return_output and stdout is not subprocess.PIPE:
self.log.debug("return_output is True, ignoring stdout")
close_stdout = False
close_stderr = False
if self.save_output_streams: