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k8s Tests

Creating PVCs using rook: ok

Generic test to see whether PVC support is correctly installed from rook.

  • Apply pvc-cephfs.yaml: get cephfs based PVC + PV
  • Apply pvc-rbd.yaml: get RBD based PVC + PV

Resizing PVC based on CephFS: ok

  • Apply pvc-busybox-cephfs.yaml
  • Wait & check
  • Apply pvc-busybox-cephfs-resize.yaml
  • Wait & check new size -> has increased

Resizing PVC based on RBD: ok

  • Apply pvc-busybox-rbd.yaml
  • Wait & check
  • Apply pvc-busybox-rbd-resize.yaml
  • Wait & check new size -> has increased