144 Commits (5a646aeac951ad28b146769275a55a14576f161c)

Author SHA1 Message Date
_ahmedbilal 5a646aeac9 prefix is renamed to base_prefix, uncloud now respects base_prefix and put things under it 3 years ago
_ahmedbilal 6046015c3d Add base prefix option for uncloud so that we can run independent instance on uncloud 3 years ago
_ahmedbilal b4292615de Display more info about tracked files to user e.g creation_date, host on which it is stored, size etc 3 years ago
_ahmedbilal 48cc37c438 add hostname to file entry (uncloud filescanner) 3 years ago
_ahmedbilal 6086fec633 move settings under uncloud.common 3 years ago
_ahmedbilal ef0f13534a bug fixed that add extra space in QEMU command when there is no network to be attached 3 years ago
_ahmedbilal ec40d6b1e0 don't suppress error when changing permissions in uncloud vmm 3 years ago
_ahmedbilal b7f3ba1a34 remove cache=none from QEMU args as it is not supported on tmpfs/rootfs 3 years ago
_ahmedbilal 6f51ddbb36 renamed argument, and changed destination and make it required (uncloud.cli.image.create_image_from_file) 3 years ago
_ahmedbilal 7fff280c79 uncloud filescanner os.path.getsize expects str given Path instead 3 years ago
_ahmedbilal 6847a0d323 base dir reverted back to str path 3 years ago
_ahmedbilal 180f6f4989 No longer using xattrs as they don't work on tmpfs/rootfs 3 years ago
_ahmedbilal 344a957a3f Removed duplicate add_help from argument parsers in cli/image and cli/network 3 years ago
_ahmedbilal 3296e524cc uncloud cli converted to argparse 3 years ago
_ahmedbilal 50fb135726 uncloud cli converted to argparse, code isn't beautiful yet. Would make it soom 3 years ago
_ahmedbilal cd2f0aaa0d Using click instead of argparse in uncloud script 3 years ago
_ahmedbilal 2afb37daca get() methods converted to post() 3 years ago
Nico Schottelius b95037f624 [metadata] allow passing in the port 3 years ago
Nico Schottelius eb19b10333 [scheduler] partial debug support 3 years ago
Nico Schottelius 2566e86f1e [host] get ourselves from etcd 3 years ago
Nico Schottelius e775570884 Make uncloud host running 3 years ago
Nico Schottelius 9662e02eb7 Allow to not have keys in etcd 3 years ago
Nico Schottelius 71c3f9d978 begin adding port support, catch OSError from Flask 3 years ago
Nico Schottelius 29dfacfadb Update .gitignore for uncloud 3 years ago
Nico Schottelius bff12ed930 ++ exception handling 3 years ago
Nico Schottelius 1fba79ca31 remove syslog handler (cruft), add debug flag 3 years ago
Nico Schottelius 4c7678618d Also fix setup.py and the configuration file 3 years ago
Nico Schottelius 6682f127f1 Remove colors, remove sophisticated logging 3 years ago
Nico Schottelius 433a3b9817 refactor #2 3 years ago
Nico Schottelius 7b6c02b3ab find ucloud -name \*.py -exec sed -i "s/ucloud/uncloud/g" {} \; 3 years ago
Nico Schottelius 70c8da544e [refactor] rename scripts to uncloud 3 years ago
_ahmedbilal 6a40a7f12f sshtunnel, sphinx, sphinx-rtd-theme, werkzeug removed from dependencies 3 years ago
_ahmedbilal 27e780b359 Remove unneccassary sudo from ssh forwarding command 3 years ago
_ahmedbilal 4b7d6d5099 Bug fixed in migration code 3 years ago
_ahmedbilal d13a4bcc37 Remove pending vm handling mechanism from scheduler + fixed issue that update VM's hostname even on migration failure 3 years ago
_ahmedbilal d2d6c6bf5c Use UTC time for heartbeat mechanism 3 years ago
_ahmedbilal 9963e9c62d Slow down heartbeat update 3 years ago
_ahmedbilal 52867614df Remove unused code + Increase frequeuncy of host heartbeat update 3 years ago
_ahmedbilal 9bdf4d2180 Shutdown Source VM (PAUSED) on successfull migration + blackened all .py files 3 years ago
_ahmedbilal 29e938dc74 Destination Host of VM during migration now notify Source host of exact socket path 3 years ago
_ahmedbilal f980cdb464 Better error handling, Efforts to run non-root with occasional sudo 3 years ago
_ahmedbilal 808271f3e0 Return nice message when etcd section is missing 3 years ago
_ahmedbilal ba515f0b48 Refactoring, VMM added, uncloud-host mostly new, migration is better now 3 years ago
_ahmedbilal cd9d4cb78c Fix bug that cause failure of image resizing when creating vm 3 years ago
_ahmedbilal ec3cf49799 Create radvd configuration and start it <--> VM's which is being started has IPv6 network which is global 3 years ago
_ahmedbilal f79097cae9 Fix logging 3 years ago
_ahmedbilal 972bb5a920 - Better error reporting. 3 years ago
_ahmedbilal eea6c1568e colored error output 3 years ago
_ahmedbilal e4d2c98fb5 Better logging. Errors without stacktrace are now printed to stderr 3 years ago
_ahmedbilal 88b4d34e1a workaround of setuptools bug that fails to install Flask without version 3 years ago