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@ -3,7 +3,7 @@ On the server:
- the central entry point
- is a shell script
- defines mapping from providers to hosts
- defines mapping from types to hosts
- will be called by cdist and the name
will be available for tracking in
cdist core functions
@ -14,11 +14,11 @@ core/manifests/* (all other)
- method to seperate configuration parts
- provide standard types
- have required and optional arguments
- are independent of hosts
- may make use of other providers to realise a new type
- may make use of other types to realise a new type
- how to overwrite stuff?
- overwrite in own tree?
- needs knowledge of inherited provider
@ -26,14 +26,14 @@ conf/providers/<name>/
but more like reusable defines
- or may implement some functionality on their own
- same as above, but provided by the cdist distribution
- if name exists in both, conf/ has priority
Differences manifests vs. providers
Differences manifests vs. types
manifests providers
manifests types
main purpose map config to host provide functionality
can change config no (prevent conflicts) yes (allow inheritance)