define third provider stage and parts of fourth stage

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@ -91,3 +91,35 @@ How providers are integrated/run:
The idea of this that a provider may expand another
provider with functionality, but may need to adjust
("overwrite") settings from the original provider.
Third stage:
- Cdist calls the "gencode" binary of the providers
for every created object. This binary should create
code to be executed on the target on stdout.
If the gencode binary fails, it must print diagnostic
messages on stderr and exit non-zero.
A description of what the generated code may/must/should
do can be found at the end of this document.
- Cdist merges together the generated code
Fourth stage:
- The resulting
- Create code to be run on the client.
Scope of code execution on the client
It should be assumed that the clients are pretty dumb
and thus do not have high level tools like python
If a provider requires specific tools to be present
on the target, there must be another provider that
provides this tool and the first provider must create
an object of the specific provider.