crosslink html man pages

This is using sed --in-place, which might not be available in
all sed versions. If that's a concern, then please replace with
awk script or move to build-helper and use temporary files.

Also the regex is a heuristic. It works for our man pages here
but it might have false positive matches in the future.
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tpo 2014-04-30 16:38:40 +02:00
parent e5a12803ff
commit e6b26829f4
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@ -20,6 +20,11 @@
A2XM=a2x -f manpage --no-xmllint -a encoding=UTF-8
A2XH=a2x -f xhtml --no-xmllint -a encoding=UTF-8
# Create cross-links in html man pages
# We look for something like "cdist-type(7)" and make a href out of it
# The first matching group is the man page name and the second group
# is the man page section (1 or 7)
CROSSLINK=sed --in-place 's/\([[:alnum:]_-]*\)(\([17]\))/<a href="..\/man\2\/\1.html">&<\/a>/'
# Creating the type html page
%.html: %.text
$(A2XH) $^