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Nico Schottelius a76d8bb517 :%s/self.out_path/self.base_path/g
Signed-off-by: Nico Schottelius <>
10 years ago
bin remove wrong mail address 10 years ago
cdist :%s/self.out_path/self.base_path/g 10 years ago
docs ++changes 10 years ago
other start a shell under sudo to support things like filename globbing 10 years ago
scripts rename out_path -> out_dir for consistency 10 years ago
.gitignore begin minimal protection against double upload 10 years ago
.version begin restructering for python package 11 years ago add package data info 11 years ago
Makefile back to old release process 10 years ago have depend on $@ 10 years ago
README begin to split off readme 11 years ago include cdist from the scripts/ directory for shipping 11 years ago



cdist is a usable configuration management system.

For the web documentation have a look at docs/web/.