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## Introduction

cdist configures your system. It is similar to
[cfengine]( and [puppet](
It is inspired by both of those tools:

 * Try to redo the great power you get
 * But leave out the bugs you also got

And cdist is UNIX:

It's designed to
reuse existing tools,
it does not require high level scripting language interpreters
and it is equipped with manpages.

### Architecture

 * KISS (keep it simple and stupid)
  * Allow very easy extension of cdist (creating own types for instance)
 * Push (server pushes configuration) and Pull (client retrieves config) supported
 * User defines configuration in shell scripts using cdist functions
 * Cdist generates internal configuration (cconfig style) and afterwards applies configuration

## Requirements

### Server

 * A posix like shell
 * SSH-Client (for push architecture)
 * SSH-Server (for pull architecture)

### Client

 * A posix like shell
 * SSH-Client (for pull architecture)
 * SSH-Server (for push architecture)

## How to get cdist

    git clone git://

## How to install cdist

    make install

## How to use cdist

    man cdist