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@ -20,7 +20,7 @@ all: clean frontend compile_no_cpp_test run_scripts
# Compile to HDL with P4-SDNet
# Running vivado_sim.bash or questa.bash compares the HDL simulation output to the C++ simulation output
cpp_test: clean frontend compile_cpp_test run_scripts
cp src/*.tbl ${SDNET_OUT_DIR}/${P4_SWITCH}/
cp src/*.tbl ${SDNET_OUT_DIR}/${P4_SWITCH}/
cp testdata/src.pcap ${SDNET_OUT_DIR}/${P4_SWITCH}/Packet.user
cp testdata/Tuple_in.txt ${SDNET_OUT_DIR}/${P4_SWITCH}/Tuple.user
cp src/*.tbl ${SDNET_OUT_DIR}/${P4_SWITCH}/${P4_SWITCH}.TB/