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@ -1412,6 +1412,16 @@ Please make sure that it is installed and available in your $PATH:
(virtualenv-with-site) root@line:/home/nico/vcs/master-thesis/p4app#
** TODO Setup test VM [dual stack] for Jool:
** TODO Setup test VM [dual stack] for tayga:
** TODO Port to Hardware
*** DONE Get access to tofino: no, NDA issues
*** TODO Get NetFPGA running
**** TODO Understand the simulations part
**** TODO Install vivado
**** DONE Install SDNET
**** TODO Create either HDL or PX for supporting payload checksum
***** TODO Explore HDL
***** TODO Explore PX
** NAT64/NAT46 Features in jool and tayga
*** TODO Static 1:1 NAT46: translate from IPv4 to IPv6 with a table
@ -1884,8 +1894,6 @@ INFO:main:unhandled reassambled=<Ether dst=00:00:0a:00:00:42 src=00:00:0a:00:00
INFO:main:unhandled reassambled=<Ether dst=00:00:0a:00:00:42 src=00:00:0a:00:00:01 type=0x86dd |<IPv6 version=6 tc=0 fl=765494 plen=40 nh=TCP hlim=64 src=2001:db8::1 dst=2001:db8:100::a00:1 |<TCP sport=36458 dport=2342 seq=1287954527 ack=0 dataofs=10 reserved=0 flags=S window=28320 chksum=0xdce7 urgptr=0 options=[('MSS', 9440), ('SAckOK', ''), ('Timestamp', (795132605, 0)), ('NOP', None), ('WScale', 9)] |>>> from table TABLE_V6_NETWORKS
****** DONE action nat64_tcp_session_create is called
**** TODO tcp session
**** TODO udp session
**** TODO tcp session