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export PATH=${XILINX_VIVADO}/bin:${XILINX_VIVADO}/tps/lnx64/gcc-6.2.0/bin:${XILINX_VIVADO}/tps/lnx64/binutils-2.26/bin:$PATH
# Clean up any old files
rm -rf xsim.dir
set -euo pipefail
set -x
find -name "*.v" -o -name "*.vp" -o -name "*.sv" | { xargs -I % ${XILINX_VIVADO}/bin/xvlog -sv % || true; }
mkdir -p xsim.dir/xsc
find -name "*.c" | xargs ${XILINX_VIVADO}/bin/xsc -mt off -v 1
${XILINX_VIVADO}/bin/xelab -L work --debug all -sv_lib SimpleSumeSwitch_tb glbl
${XILINX_VIVADO}/bin/xsim --runall SimpleSumeSwitch_tb#work.glbl