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%** Results.tex: What were the results achieved including an evaluation
Parser for all protocols (udp,tcp,icmp,icmp6)
BMV2: more feature rich, but software only solution
NetFPGA: capabale of line speed Nat64, focused port on nat64
Both support EAMT as defined by RFC7757 \cite{rfc7757}.
Responds to icmp, icmp6
ndp \cite{rfc4861}
test framework openvswitch
Fully functional host
Can compute checksums on its own.
focus on typical use cases of icmp, icmp6, the software implementation
supports translating echo request and echo reply messages, but does
not support all ICMP/ICMP6 translations that are defined in
Stateful : no automatic removal
Trace files
create mode 100644 pcap/tcp-udp-delta-2019-07-17-1555-h1.pcap
create mode 100644 pcap/tcp-udp-delta-2019-07-17-1555-h3.pcap
create mode 100644 pcap/tcp-udp-delta-2019-07-17-1557-h1.pcap
create mode 100644 pcap/tcp-udp-delta-2019-07-17-1558-h3.pcap
*** DONE 2019-07-21: Proof of v6->v4 working delta based
CLOSED: [2019-07-21 Sun 12:30]
pcap/tcp-udp-delta-from-v6-2019-07-21-0853-h1.pcap | Bin 0 -> 4252 bytes
pcap/tcp-udp-delta-from-v6-2019-07-21-0853-h3.pcap | Bin 0 -> 2544 bytes
**** DONE Testing v4->v6 tcp: ok (version 10.0)
CLOSED: [2019-08-04 Sun 09:15]
nico@ESPRIMO-P956:~/master-thesis/bin$ ./socat-connect-tcp-v4
+ echo from-v4-ok
+ socat - TCP:
nico@ESPRIMO-P956:~/master-thesis/bin$ ./socat-listen-tcp-v6
**** DONE Testing v4->v6 udp: ok (version 10.1)
create mode 100644 pcap/netfpga-nat64-udp-2019-08-04-0913-enp2s0f0.pcap
create mode 100644 pcap/netfpga-nat64-udp-2019-08-04-0913-enp2s0f1.pcap
*** DONE 2019-08-04: version 10.1/10.2: new maxpacketregion: v4->v6 works
CLOSED: [2019-08-04 Sun 19:42]
nico@ESPRIMO-P956:~/master-thesis/bin$ ./
nico@ESPRIMO-P956:~/master-thesis/bin$ ./
Test 20 first:
- Does't work -> missed to add table entries
- Does work after setting table entries
- 300 works
- 1450 works
- 1500 does not work
create mode 100644 pcap/netfpga-10.2-maxpacket-2019-08-04-1931-enp2s0f0.pcap
create mode 100644 pcap/netfpga-10.2-maxpacket-2019-08-04-1931-enp2s0f1.pcap
*** DONE 2019-08-04: test v6 -> v4: works for 1420
CLOSED: [2019-08-04 Sun 20:30]
create mode 100644 pcap/netfpga-10.2-fromv6tov4-2019-08-04-1943-enp2s0f0.pcap
create mode 100644 pcap/netfpga-10.2-fromv6tov4-2019-08-04-1943-enp2s0f1.pcap
General result: limited NAT64 is working, however
No Payload
checksumming - requires controller
Hash funktion in Arbeit
No NDP, no ARP - focused on key factors of NAT64 translation,
other features can be supported by controller
\section{\label{results:softwarenat64}NAT64 in Software}
Tayga, Jool
tayga: Single threaded
| What? | Description | State in P4 | References |
| Jool EAMT | Mapping with tables, multiple entries | Supported |,, RFC 7757 |
| Jool SIIT | Mapping IPv6 to range of IPv4, one entry | Supported by EAMT | |
\section{\label{results:features}Feature comparison}
speed - sessions - eamt
can act as host
lpm tables
ping6 support
controller support
\section{todo - FIXME: remove}
***** Dorth eher detailiertes Drawing
***** Längste Section!