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%** Copyright 2002, 2003 by Lukas Ruf, <>
%** Information is provided under the terms of the
%** GNU Free Documentation License <>
%** Fairness: Cite the source of information, visit <>
%** Last Modification: 2013-07-31
%** 2005-07-11 Bernhard Tellenbach
%** Switched default document class to: book
%** Added \include{appendix.tex}
%** 2013-07-31 David Gugelmann (gugdavid)
%** Use bibtex for references
%** Added new watermark command
%**Latex Master Document*********
\newcommand{\watermark}{DRAFT} % a watermark is included on all pages if \watermark is defined here
%** preamble.tex: here all the document-wide settings
% are defined
%** begin the document environment
%** Title.tex: Title page to be printed first
%** environments.tex: Predefined Environments
%** Abstract.tex: Contains a brief description
% of what the reader may expect
%** Table of Contents
%** Table of Figures
%** Table of Figures
%** Introduction.tex: Contains an introduction to
% the topic and motivates the work.
% State what the reader can find where.
%** Problem.tex: Documentation in own words of the problem to
% be addressed in this document:
% What is the challenge, why is it useful what you
% plan to do.
%** Design.tex: How was the problem attacked, what was the design
% the architecture
%** Results.tex: What were the results achieved including an evaluation
%** Outlook.tex: What needs to be done further, what is planed
%** Summary.tex: What have you achieved, what have you presented in this
% document. What are the highlights of your work.
% It should conclude by a conclusion.
%** Switch to appendix-mode in Latex.
%** I would like to have the appendices enumerated by Alphabetical
% characters.
%** appendix.tex: Install instructions, configurations, test results,
% simulation data, additional theoretical disquisitions, ...
%** Timetable.tex: Timetable you worked out.
%** Originalproblem.tex: The problem statement you received.
%** bibtex is used to automatically generate the bibliography
% references are stored in refs/refs.bib
% use a bibliography manager like JabRef ( to manage refs/refs.bib
%** end the document environment