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ungleich cli

This CLI is used for day-to-day tasks used at ungleich. It is intended to be used by ungleich engineers and skilled customers.

Requirements / Installation

  • ensure you have python3 and pipenv
  • git clone this repo
  • cd into this repo
  • run the following command
pipenv install
pipenv shell

Usage general

ungleich --help

Usage: Weather

ungleich weather

Usage: DNS

ungleich dns --set-reverse <ip> --user <username> --token <token> --realm <realm> --email <email> --name

Usage: RIPE

Creating a new route6 object:

ungleich ripe-add-route6 \
    --network 2a09:2947::/32
    --description "First REST /32"
    --password "very secure"

Usage: Account

Creating a new account object:

ungleich account --create-user <username> --name <firstname> --lastname <lastname> --email <email>

Usage: SSH Key

Requires you to have checked out in ~/vcs/ungleich-ssh-keys

ungleich sshkey  --key raul.ascencio --host