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CLOUD-AGENT(8) - System Manager's Manual
**cloud-agent** - cloud provisioning for OpenBSD VMs
\[**-c** *cloud*\[,*cloud*...]]
\[**-p** *length*]
\[**-r** *rootdisk*]
\[**-t** *timeout*]
\[**-U** *username*]
program manages the OpenBSD provisioning and VM interaction in cloud
The options are as follows:
**-c** *cloud*\[,*cloud*...]
> Probe a list of cloud stacks for provisioning in the specified order.
> If this option is not specified,
> **cloud-agent**
> tries to detect the environment and possible cloud stacks automatically.
> Supported
> *cloud*
> stacks are:
> **azure**
> > Microsoft Azure
> **cloudinit**
> > Generic cloud-init
> **ec2**
> > Amazon AWS EC2
> **opennebula**
> > OpenNebula
> **openstack**
> > OpenStack
**-p** *length*
> Generate and set a random password for the default user.
> The password will be written in its plain form into the
> *~/.ssh/authorized\_keys*
> file.
> This allows to use the
> doas(1)
> command to gain root privileges.
> The minimum
> *length*
> is 8 characters and the default is an empty password.
> Do not configure the system and skip the provisioning step.
**-t** *timeout*
> Change the HTTP timeout.
> The default is 3 seconds.
**-U** *username*
> Change the default user.
> The default is
> "ec2-user"
> on AWS,
> "azure-user"
> on Azure, and
> "puffy"
> everywhere else.
> The default user is used when it is not obtained from the cloud
> configuration.
> Using
> "root"
> is supported, but not recommended.
**-r** *rootdisk*
> Automatically grow the last
> OpenBSD
> FFS partition of the root disk to use all the available space.
> Deprovision and unconfigure the system.
> This deletes keys, passwords, and logs files without asking for permission.
> Produce more verbose output.
in the
of the VM's primary networking interface and automatically the last
partition of the root disk:
# cat /etc/hostname.hvn0
!/usr/local/libexec/cloud-agent -r sd0 "\$if"
> The location of the agent-configured SSH public keys and optional password.
> The agent itself.
> The CMS binary that is used to decrypt messages from the Azure fabric.
> The instance ID as reported by the cloud.
> **cloud-agent**
> reprovisions the system when the value has changed.
Reyk Floeter <[](>
OpenBSD 6.5 - June 26, 2019