[type/__sshd_config] Produce error if invalid config file is generated

Previously, cdist would silently swallow the error (no invalid config file was

Reason: `set -e` does not exit if a command in a sub-command group fails,
it merely returns with a non-zero exit status.

e.g. the following snippet does not abort the script if sshd -t returns with a
non-zero exit status:

    set -e
    cmp -s old new || {
        # check config file and update it
        sshd -t -f new \
        && cat new >old

or compressed:

    set -e
    false || { false && true; }
    echo $?
    # prints 1
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Dennis Camera 2021-01-05 15:50:21 +01:00
parent 7cf85c4659
commit 766198912d

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@ -91,7 +91,8 @@ awk $(drop_awk_comments "${__type:?}/files/update_sshd_config.awk") \\
cmp -s $(quote "${sshd_config_file}") $(quote "${sshd_config_file}.tmp") || {
sshd -t -f $(quote "${sshd_config_file}.tmp") \\
&& cat $(quote "${sshd_config_file}.tmp") >$(quote "${sshd_config_file}")
&& cat $(quote "${sshd_config_file}.tmp") >$(quote "${sshd_config_file}") \\
|| exit # stop if sshd_config file check fails
rm -f $(quote "${sshd_config_file}.tmp")