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Steven, Nico
Discussion raised due to proposal from Arkaitz Jimenez
Proposal changes back to cdist behaviour as of 2011 (see commit 61b7b68).
Change would introduce:
- no direct stage based running
- stages only in object (not globally)
- cannot build full dependency list before beginning
- Thus wildcard requirements (require="__file/*") don't work anymore
Accepting this or similar approaches means:
- Drop wildcard requirements (is undocumented anyway)
- Type execution is closed (again)
Furthermore/other points:
- Change cdist to continue run as long as possible
- Don't stop if an object fails
- Record failure, print at the end (and exit non zero)
- Logging
- Catch output of manifest, gencode, code, do not display directly
- Print at the end
- Prefix with hostname as usual!