[__jitsi_meet*] Add support for simultaneous interpretations

By using https://gitlab.com/mfmt/jsi which consists of very small and simple
static files, we enable interpretations by default.

With this commit, any DOMAIN created with __jitsi_meet_domain will serve jsi on
https://DOMAIN/i/ and any ROOM can be used with simultaneous interpretation on

Sponsored by:   camilion.eu, eXO.cat
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evilham 2022-04-21 19:43:32 +02:00
parent 7e2ba98d36
commit 151dc32fb5
Signed by untrusted user: evilham
GPG Key ID: AE3EE30D970886BF
3 changed files with 66 additions and 1 deletions

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@ -262,3 +262,46 @@ EOF
# TODO: disable the exporter if it is deployed and then admin changes their mind
# Setup interpreter assets if requested
# See: https://gitlab.com/mfmt/jsi/
__link "/usr/share/jitsi-meet/interpreters.html" \
--type symbolic \
--source "/opt/jsi/static/index.html.sample"
__directory /opt/jsi --mode 0755
export require="__directory/opt/jsi"
__download /opt/jsi/jsi.tar.gz \
--url 'https://gitlab.com/mfmt/jsi/-/archive/1d2cceaf615ee61c0bba80e5bddc61c5d1018303/jsi-1d2cceaf615ee61c0bba80e5bddc61c5d1018303.tar.gz' \
--sum "sha256:b020141093daa9937507b098f358d0be994834c3e23866a457fc5140415a0c53"
export require="__download/opt/jsi/jsi.tar.gz"
__unpack /opt/jsi/jsi.tar.gz \
--preserve-archive \
--tar-strip 1 \
--destination /opt/jsi/static \
--onchange "$(cat <<EOF
# Patch style.css to be served on /i/
sed -i.tmp -E \
-e 's!url[(]/img/welcome-background.png[)]!url(/i/img/welcome-background.png)!' \
# Patch jsi.js to be served on /i/
# and so it always uses the domain it's served from
# and so it uses /i/ROOM for the form
sed -i.tmp -E \
-e 's!substr[(][0-9]+[)]!substr(3)!' \
-e 's!config[.]jitsimeet_url!url.host!' \
-e 's!(window[.]location[.]href)[[:space:]]*=[[:space:]]*"/"!\1 = "/i/"!' \
# Patch the sample index.html, so it loads external_api.js from same host
# and to easen up on the branding
# and to enable browser cache
sed -i.tmp -E \
-e "s!src=[^>]*(/external_api.js).!src='\1'!" \
-e "s!<h1>[^<]*</h1>!<h1>Jitsi Meetings with interpreter</h1>!" \
-e "s!https://meet.mayfirst.org!/!" \
-e "s!(style.css|jsi.js)([^?])!\1?v=${jsi_updated_on:?}\2!" \

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@ -102,6 +102,21 @@ server {
expires 1y;
# Paths for jsi / interpreters
location ~ ^/i/(img/[^./]*.png|jsi.js|style.css)$
add_header 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' '*';
alias /opt/jsi/static/\$1;
# cache all versioned files
if (\$arg_v) {
expires 1y;
location ~ ^/i/
try_files /${DOMAIN}-interpreters.html /interpreters.html \$uri;
location = /http-bind {

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@ -11,7 +11,13 @@ DESCRIPTION
This type installs and configures the frontend for Jitsi-Meet.
This supports "multi-domain" installations.
Additionally to regular Jitsi-Meet, users can load `DOMAIN/i/` and
`DOMAIN/i/ROOM` for an interpreter-enabled interface; this is done with a
patched version of Jitsi Simultaneous Interpretation (jsi; see references).
At least a user with `interpreter` in their name must be present.
This type supports "multi-domain" installations.
New in April 2022: rooms are independent for each domain, that is:
https://jitsi1.example.org/room1 and https://jitsi2.example.org/room1 are
@ -156,6 +162,7 @@ SEE ALSO
- `__jitsi_meet(7)`
- `__jitsi_meet_user(7)`
- Jitsi Meet Simultaneous Interpretation: https://gitlab.com/mfmt/jsi