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[__jitsi_meet] Add --abort-conference-count parameter
Only has an effect if the prometheus exporter is enabled and if it is not
empty (default).
If at least this many conferences are active on the server, the type will
bail out before making any changes.
This is useful if you want to avoid service disruptions due to e.g. an SLA.

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This project extends the cdist configuration management tool with community-maitained types which are either too specific to fit/be maintained in cdist itself or were not accepted in code cdist but could still be useful.

This project does not have releases and is continously updated: see git history for change log. You will find HTML documentation at

Using cdist-contrib

We would recommend that you clone this repository next to your regular cdist config directory, then setup conf_dir with relative paths in cdist configuration.

An example of this would be:

# contents of cdist.cfg next to cdist-contrib
# Notice that types defined in last dir win and can override native types.
# Consider using a prefix for your own types to avoid collisions.
conf_dir = cdist-contrib:cdist-private

And you would run cdist from the same directory as follows:

cdist config -g cdist.cfg
# Or setup your CDIST_CONFIG_FILE environment variable and run as usual

Participating in the cdist community

Join us on on matrix!


The preferred way to submit patches is by opening Merge Requests against the cdist-contrib project on (you can make an account on

Every type in cdist-contrib must:

  • Have a man.rst documentation page.
  • Pass shellcheck without errors.

Other resources

Some people/organizations are known to keep some cdist types that might be of interest to others: