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# cdist-contrib
This project extends the [cdist](https://www.cdi.st/) configuration management
This project extends the [cdist][cdist] configuration management
tool with community-maitained types which are either too specific to fit/be
maintained in cdist itself or were not accepted in code cdist but could still
be useful.
The releases of cdist-contrib are not necessarly synced with cdist itself.
## Using cdist-contrib
We would recommend that you clone this repository next to your regular cdist
config directory, then setup `conf_dir` with relative paths in
[cdist configuration][cdistconfig].
An example of this would be:
# contents of cdist.cfg next to cdist-contrib
# Notice that types defined in last dir win and can override native types.
# Consider using a prefix for your own types to avoid collisions.
conf_dir = cdist-contrib:cdist-private
And you would run [cdist][cdist] from the same directory as follows:
cdist config -g cdist.cfg
# Or setup your CDIST_CONFIG_FILE environment variable and run as usual
## Participating in the [cdist][cdist] community
Join us on [#cdist:ungleich.ch][cdistmatrix] on matrix or on
[#cdist over mattermost][cdistmattermost].
[cdist]: https://www.cdi.st/
[cdistconfig]: https://www.cdi.st/manual/latest/cdist-configuration.html
[cdistmatrix]: https://matrix.to/#/#cdist:ungleich.ch
[cdistmattermost]: https://chat.ungleich.ch/ungleich/channels/cdist