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Dennis Camera 0932c9ccde [type/{__dma,__dma_auth,__mail_alias}] Quote things properly 2020-11-16 14:10:52 +01:00
Dennis Camera 7e20d13b9f [type/__mail_alias] Use explicit line variables in update_aliases.awk 2020-11-16 13:58:05 +01:00
Dennis Camera 04076a75eb [type/__mail_alias] man.rst: Make bugs a list 2020-11-16 13:57:34 +01:00
Dennis Camera f202d11124 [type/__mail_alias] Fix continuation line processing 2020-10-01 13:54:46 +02:00
Dennis Camera c6b795b3f9 [type/__mail_alias] Update man.rst and make --alias required 2020-10-01 13:31:00 +02:00
Dennis Camera 231f96de18 Error if expected environment variables are unset 2020-10-01 13:31:00 +02:00
Dennis Camera b48b48e404 [type/__mail_alias] Externalise AWK update script to separate file 2020-09-28 17:29:41 +02:00
Dennis Camera 49d39eaee5 [type/__mail_alias] Fix error with some AWK implementations
Some AWK implementations seem to have a problem with parameters named default.

    awk: cmd. line:2: function sepafter(f, default,    _) {
    awk: cmd. line:2:                      ^ syntax error
    awk: cmd. line:5: 	return _ ? _ : default
    awk: cmd. line:5: 	               ^ syntax error

In addition the temp file is removed if an error occurs.
2020-08-26 18:56:02 +02:00
Dennis Camera 43c59985d0 [type/__mail_alias] Fallback to /etc/aliases instead of /etc/mail/aliases 2020-06-25 18:07:51 +02:00
Dennis Camera aa605cada4 [type/__mail_aliases] Add support for Alpine Linux
Alpine's DMA package has a typo and installs "newailases" instead of
I adjusted the code-remote to only run newaliases if it is available.
Otherwise, tough luck, user gotta either fix his system or run manually.
2020-06-22 14:03:53 +02:00
Dennis Camera c777a2b1c2 [type/__mail_alias] Some fixes in continuation line processing 2020-06-11 21:58:58 +02:00
Dennis Camera 27102340de [type/__mail_alias] Add bug notice about commas 2020-06-11 20:54:31 +02:00
Dennis Camera 193b1780de Improve error message when invalid --state is used. 2020-06-11 19:12:52 +02:00
Dennis Camera 96fcccf529 [type/__mail_alias] Improve documentation 2020-06-09 21:57:47 +02:00
Dennis Camera de4508cb06 Mark __dma_auth and __mail_alias as nonparallel
Both types modify a single file, so they shouldn't be run at the same time.
2020-06-06 21:45:40 +02:00
Dennis Camera 988f277ad6 [type/__mail_alias] Fixes (mostly mawk compatibility) 2020-05-31 12:00:09 +02:00
Dennis Camera 3adc4f1609 [type/__mail_alias] Implement type 2020-05-30 18:08:05 +02:00
Dennis Camera 98496aa8e5 Add __mail_alias type 2020-05-29 17:33:52 +02:00