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Welcome to the ungleich-game, a geek game engine!

ungleich-game is supposed to be an easy-to-use, easy-to-play and easy-to-extend game framework for geeks.

It features registration, challenges with dependencies and an easy point system.

The project name is ungleich-game, as it has its roots at ungleich - the project name might change later.

How to play (in general)

  • Select a game server
  • Register
  • List challenges - have fun!

How to play (for instance on sxiii's laptop)

  • Note: here HTTPie is used; can be replaced by curl or any other http tool
  • Note2: example with localhost [::] is ipv6 localhost representation
  • Note3: you can ran sample commands as-is in most cases, as they utilize your user name automatically
  1. Try to access the game server without any argument
http [::]:5002
  1. Register: send a POST request with your username
http POST [::]:5002/register user=$USER
  1. Get challenges
http [::]:5002/challenge
  1. Get a challenge description
http [::]:5002/challenge/RegisterNet
  1. Solve a challenge
http POST [::]:5002/challenge/RegisterNet 'user=$USER' 'network=2a0a:e5c0:101::/64'
  1. Get high score
http POST [::]:5002/points 'user=$USER'

Overview - Game flow

  • Users register at a game server
  • Users play by getting challenges from the game server
  • Users can see their or all high scores on the main page

Overview - Development Flow

[not yet fully implemented]

The idea is that there are challenges and each challenge offers:

  • A description
  • Some dependencies (on something another challenge can provide)
  • A score ("how difficult it is")

How to add challenges

  • Create and add challenges in there
  • Do some magic so all challenges are imported by server

How to run your own game server



Testing game

If you want to automatically test the game server, run the ./ script included in this directory.

Overview - Security

None at the moment.

Tech stack

The base for building games is:

  • Python3 - The programmming language
  • Flask - web frontend
  • etcd - storing data, games, etcd.


Tested packages @ Ubuntu 18.04.3

  • etcd3 (important, version 3)
  • python3-etcd
  • python3-flask
  • python3-flask-restful

Things to solve

  • Enhance the Challenge class - maybe make it easier for challenges to abort
  • Enhance the Challenge class - abstract away writing information?
  • Implement dependencies / providers for challenges
  • Add an easy to use CLI (Steven might like click)
  • Write nice code to easily retrieve points per user
  • Sort high score
  • Maybe store all user information in one JSON object?