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The pay module for the ucloud

  • uses etcd3 for storage
  • uses Stripe as the payment gateway

Getting started

git clone git@code.ungleich.ch:ucloud/ucloud-pay.git
cd uclou-pay
cp env.sample .env

Now, modify the params in .env file as per your setup and run.

pipenv shell
pipenv install
python ucloud_pay.py

Currently handles very basic features, such as:

1. Adding of products

curl http://ucloud-pay-server:5000/product/add -XPOST --data '-name mravi --realm test --seed testseed --product-name "IPV6 VPN" --product-description="YEARLY IPV6 subscription" --product-type=recurring --product-recurring-period=year --product-price=12000 --product-minimum-subscription-period=year'

2. Listing of products

curl http://ucloud-pay-server:5000/product/list

3. Ordering products

curl http://ucloud-pay-server:5000/product/order -XPOST --data '-name username --realm user_realm --seed user_seed --product-id  343sdf3e2423

4. Listing users orders

curl http://ucloud-pay-server:5000/order/list -XPOST --data '-name username --realm user_realm --seed user_seed 

5. Registering user's payment method (credit card for now using Stripe)

curl http://ucloud-pay-server:5000/user/register_payment -XPOST --data '-name username --realm user_realm --seed user_seed --card_number 4111111111111111 --cvc 123 --expiry_year 2020 --expiry_month 8 --card_holder_name "The test user"