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Usually "thought to be" refers to something that is generally accepted, but for which there's no definitive proof: "the pharaoh is thought to have had several wives"; whereas "thinking of something as" provides an alternative (or someone's personal) view on something: "Ada Lovelace was a poet and mathematician, but I always think her as the first coder ever."
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cdist is a usable configuration management system.

It adheres to the KISS principle and is being used in small up to enterprise grade environments.

For more information have a look at homepage or at docs/src for manual in reStructuredText format.


Merge/Pull requests can be made in both upstream GitLab (managed by ungleich) and GitHub project.

Issues can be made and other project management activites happen only in GitLab (needs ungleich account).

For community-maintained types there is cdist-contrib project.


IRC: #cdist @ libera


Matrix and IRC are bridged.