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django CMS blog application - Support for multilingual posts, placeholders, social network meta tags and configurable apphooks.

Supported Django versions:

* Django 1.8
* Django 1.9
* Django 1.10

Supported django CMS versions:

* django CMS 3.2+

.. warning:: Strict dependency on aldryn-search, haystack has been dropped. Install
them separately to enable full text search support. See `installation docs`_
for details.

.. warning:: Version 0.8 will be the last one supporting Python 2.6, Python 3.3,
Django<1.8 and django CMS<3.2.

.. warning:: Starting from version 0.8, date_published is not set anymore
when creating a post but rather when publishing.
This does not change the overall behavior, but be warned if you
expect it to be not null in custom code.

Upgrading cmsplugin-filer from 1.0 to 1.1

Due to changes in cmsplugin-filer/filer which moved ``ThumbnailOption`` model from the
former to the latter, ``djangocms-blog`` must be migrated as well.

Migrating cmsplugin-filer to 1.1 and djangocms-blog up to 0.8.4

If you have djangocms-blog up to 0.8.4 (included) installed or you are upgrading from a previous
djangocms-blog version together with cmsplugin-filer upgrade, you can just apply the migrations::

pip install cmsplugin-filer==1.1.3 django-filer==1.2.7 djangocms-blog==0.8.4
python migrate

Migrating cmsplugin-filer to 1.1 and djangocms-blog 0.8.5+

If you already a djangocms-blog 0.8.5+ up to 0.8.11, upgrade to 0.8.11, then
you have to de-apply some blog migrations when doing the upgrade::

pip install djangocms-blog==0.8.11
python migrate djangocms_blog 0017 ## reverse for these migration is a noop
pip install cmsplugin-filer==1.1.3 django-filer==1.2.7
python migrate

After this step you can upgrade to 0.8.12::

pip install djangocms-blog==0.8.12

.. note:: de-apply migration **before** upgrading cmsplugin-filer. If running before upgrade, the
backward migration won't alter anything on the database, and it will just allow the code
to migrate ``ThumbnailOption`` from cmsplugin-filer to filer

.. note:: If you upgrade in a Django 1.10 environment, be sure to upgrade both packages
at the same time to allow correct migration dependencies to be evaluated.

Installing djangocms-blog in an existing project with Django 1.10

If your project has cmsplugin-filer 1.1+ already installed and it uses Django 1.10,
install djangocms-blog 0.8.12 (and above)::

pip install djangocms-blog==0.8.12


* Placeholder content editing
* Frontend editing using django CMS 3.x frontend editor
* Multilingual support using django-parler
* Twitter cards, Open Graph and Google+ snippets meta tags
* Optional simpler TextField-based content editing
* Multisite (posts can be visible in one or more Django sites on the same project)
* Per-Apphook configuration
* Configurable permalinks
* Configurable django CMS menu
* Per-Apphook templates set
* Auto Apphook setup
* Django sitemap framework
* django CMS 3.2+ Wizard
* Haystack index
* Desktop notifications
* Liveblog

Known djangocms-blog websites

See DjangoPackages for an updated list

.. _installation docs:

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