13 Commits (e7c044f87b977799d48cee509558cc91ab7db589)

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PCoder a0ecec665e Refactor code 4 years ago
PCoder b0a09969ec Refactor LDAP_USER_DN to .env 4 years ago
PCoder 2196390d7a Handle more errors 4 years ago
PCoder 506679b8a0 Bugfix: TypeError: write() argument must be str, not int 4 years ago
PCoder 0fb34dc560 Save uidNumber used for the latest user created for future reference 4 years ago
PCoder 1bd4b42fe9 Bugfix: use correct setting name 4 years ago
PCoder fd8f5fc1d3 Bugfix: use correct function and return value 4 years ago
PCoder 88a58595fb Refactor code 4 years ago
PCoder c72f97de42 Add code to create user's unix profile also 4 years ago
aatish bca7a22085 fix dn generation 4 years ago
aatish 081e11400b use signup view rather than redirecting 4 years ago
aatish ed99dad379 link signup to account.ungleich.ch, landing page changes 4 years ago
aatish eab9d7b714 add ldap authentication and function to create ldap user on signup 4 years ago