Public ungleich kubernetes repository
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Nico Schottelius e394fdf2d8 Add ingress test 2 weeks ago
apps Update apps/matrix 2 months ago
archive Add test case for rwx/block 4 months ago
generic Add ingress test 2 weeks ago
helm/treetest finish the helm yaml tree test 2 months ago
kubevirt add VM which should have IPv6 5 months ago
ldap ldap: +replication notes 6 months ago
prometheus-monitoring ++mon 4 months ago
ungleich-virtualisation [virt] Add pod with a raw block device 5 months ago ++apps link 7 months ago ++update 7 months ago


Public ungleich kubernetes fragments created by These are based on our needs for running a data center and are orientated on running in IPv6 only clusters.

The archive contains development snapshots.

Our main documentation can be found in redmine.

Our kubernetes applications are used for building our own services. Attention: the manifests might not be in a stable state. Use at your own risk.