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@ -40,7 +40,6 @@ it ticks differently:
### Architecture
* Push mode (server pushes configuration)
* Pull mode planned (client triggers configuration)
* User defines configuration in shell scripts (called ***manifests***)
* Generates internal configuration (cconfig style)
* Uses ***types*** to generate code be executed on the target
@ -58,15 +57,10 @@ but is not. Or: The reason why I began to write cdist.
* Meaningful error messages
* No surprise factor
* Consistency in behaviour, naming and documentation
* Easy integration nacked installations
* Easy integration into bare metal installations
* Simple and well-known DSL: posix shell
* It is very easy to
* extend cdist
* debug cdist-core and cdist-types
* Focus on reuse of existing functionality
* ssh
* sh
* find, rm, ...
* It must be very easy to extend and debug cdist
* Focus on reuse of existing functionality (like sh, ssh, find, rm, ...)
## Requirements
@ -104,21 +98,22 @@ how to use cdist.
### Available versions
There are at least two branches available:
There are at least the following branches available:
* master: the development branch
* 1.0: stable branch of version 1.0
* 1.0: First official release
* 1.1: Current stable (includes __file type change)
Other branches may be available as well for features or bugfixes, but they
Other branches may be available for features or bugfixes, but they
may vanish at any point. To select a specific branch use
# Generic code
git checkout -b <name> origin/<name>
# Stay on version 1.0
git checkout -b 1.0 origin/1.0
# Stay on version 1.1
git checkout -b 1.1 origin/1.1
### Update
## Update
To upgrade cdist in the current branch use
@ -128,10 +123,20 @@ To upgrade cdist in the current branch use
make man
export MANPATH=$MANPATH:$(pwd -P)/doc/man
If you stay on a version branche (i.e. 1.0, 1.1., ...), nothing should break.
The master branch on the other hand is the development branch and may not be
working, break your setup or eat the tree in your garden.
### Upgrading from 1.0 to 1.1
In 1.1 the type **__file** was split into **__directory**, **__file** and
**__link**. The parameter **--type** was removed from **__file**. Thus you
need to replace **__file** calls in your manifests:
* Remove --type from all __file calls
* If type was symlink, use __link and --type symbolic
* If type was directory, use __directory
The version branches are designed to change if there are incompatibilities.
Or the other way round: As long as you stay on 1.0 and do git pull, nothing
should break.
## Support