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Steven Armstrong dbcdc8a8ba use instead of
Signed-off-by: Steven Armstrong <>
7 years ago
conf use instead of 7 years ago
core fix most test cases broken by no-dot-cdist change 9 years ago
exec Fix bug with parallel hosts operation and specified output path. 8 years ago
test PATH resolution for true/false. 8 years ago
util ensure all files we create end with a single newline 10 years ago Revert "Add ssh multiplexing options to default REMOTE_EXEC and REMOTE_COPY." 8 years ago lib/cdist => cdist (pypi) 11 years ago Allow both hosts sources: command line args and file. 7 years ago cannot use False for object id, as it is being used for os.path.join() in object 9 years ago +print cdist version on startup + exit_code = 2 for irq 10 years ago fix #343 - close fds of mkstemp for messages 9 years ago Let core use random .cdist directory for objects 9 years ago