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Nico Schottelius df2c52a37f update all 3 years ago
run1 +logfiles 3 years ago
run3 +logfiles 3 years ago
run4 +logfiles 3 years ago
run5-netfpga-v6-to-v4 update all 3 years ago
run6-netfpga-v4-to-v6 update all 3 years ago
run7-jool-v4-to-v6 specify direction for jool 3 years ago
run8-tayga-v4-to-v6 +benchmark 3 years ago
run9-tayga-v6-to-v4 tayga v2 3 years ago
run10-jool-v6-to-v4 ++ 3 years ago
iperf-netfpga-from-v6-c2001:db8:42::a00:2a-p2345-O10-t190-6-P1-run1 +logfiles 3 years ago
iperf-netfpga-from-v6-c2001:db8:42::a00:2a-p2345-O10-t190-6-P1-run2 +logfiles 3 years ago
iperf-netfpga-from-v6-c2001:db8:42::a00:2a-p2345-O10-t190-6-P1-run3 +logfiles 3 years ago
iperf-netfpga-from-v6-c2001:db8:42::a00:2a-p2345-O10-t190-6-P1-u-b0-run1 +logfiles 3 years ago
iperf-netfpga-from-v6-c2001:db8:42::a00:2a-p2345-O10-t190-6-P1-u-b0-run2 +logfiles 3 years ago
iperf-netfpga-from-v6-c2001:db8:42::a00:2a-p2345-O10-t190-6-P1-u-b0-run3 +logfiles 3 years ago
iperf-netfpga-from-v6-c2001:db8:42::a00:2a-p2345-O10-t190-6-P10-run1 +logfiles 3 years ago