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<P><A HREF="">Nico Schottelius</A>
<BR><A HREF="../index.html"></A></P>
<h2>what is it?</h2>
<P>gpm means general purpose mouse and is the mouse support for linux
in the console.
<h2>how to get it?</h2>
<P>Perhaps the best way to get gpm currently is via
<A HREF="../git/">git</a>:
<li><u>git-clone git://</u>
<li>Alternate clone URLs:
<li> (plain http instead of git://)
<li>git:// (mirror)
<li><a href=""></a>
<li><a href=""></a> (mirror)
<h3>archives and source browser</h3>
<li>gpm2 branch: [DEVELOPMENT]
<a href="browse_source/gpm-1.99.7/doc/changes/1.99.7">changes</a>
<a href="browse_source/gpm-1.99.7">browse source</a>
<a href="archives/gpm-1.99.7.tar.bz2">tar.bz2</a>
<a href="archives/gpm-1.99.7.tar.bz2.sha512sum">tar.bz2.sha512sum</a>
<a href="archives/gpm-1.99.7.tar.gz">tar.gz</a>
<a href="archives/gpm-1.99.7.tar.gz.sha512sum">tar.gz.sha512sum</a>
<a href="archives/gpm-1.99.7.tar.lzma">tar.lzma</a>
<a href="archives/gpm-1.99.7.tar.lzma.sha512sum">tar.lzma.sha512sum</a>
<li>gpm1 branch: [STABLE]
<a href="browse_source/gpm-1.20.6/doc/changes/1.20.6">changes</a>
<a href="browse_source/gpm-1.20.6">browse source</a>
<a href="archives/gpm-1.20.6.tar.bz2">tar.bz2</a>
<a href="archives/gpm-1.20.6.tar.bz2.sha512sum">tar.bz2.sha512sum</a>
<a href="archives/gpm-1.20.6.tar.gz">tar.gz</a>
<a href="archives/gpm-1.20.6.tar.gz.sha512sum">tar.gz.sha512sum</a>
<a href="archives/gpm-1.20.6.tar.lzma">tar.lzma</a>
<a href="archives/gpm-1.20.6.tar.lzma.sha512sum">tar.lzma.sha512sum</a>
<P><a href="archives">Archives are now available directly at this site</A>
and for new releases, you can <a href="browse_source">browse the source</A>.
<p>There is the mirror <a href=""></a>
general purpose mouse
gpm is the mouse support for Linux on the console
## how to get gpm
### git
Currently the best way to get gpm is via git:
git-clone git://
* Alternate clone URLs:
* (plain http instead of git://)
* git://
* Gitweb:
* [](
* [](
### archives and source browser
* gpm2 (development branch): ***gpm-1.99.7***:
* [changes](browse_source/gpm-1.99.7/doc/changes/1.99.7)
* [browse source](browse_source/gpm-1.99.7)
* [tar.bz2](archives/gpm-1.99.7.tar.bz2)
* [tar.bz2.sha512sum](archives/gpm-1.99.7.tar.bz2.sha512sum)
* [tar.gz](archives/gpm-1.99.7.tar.gz)
* [tar.gz.sha512sum](archives/gpm-1.99.7.tar.gz.sha512sum)
* [tar.lzma](archives/gpm-1.99.7.tar.lzma)
* [gpm-1.99.7.tar.lzma.sha512sum](archives/gpm-1.99.7.tar.lzma.sha512sum)
* gpm1 (stable branch): ***gpm-1.20.6***:
* [changes](browse_source/gpm-1.20.6/doc/changes/1.20.6)
* [browse source](browse_source/gpm-1.20.6)
* [tar.bz2](archives/gpm-1.20.6.tar.bz2)
* [tar.bz2.sha512sum](archives/gpm-1.20.6.tar.bz2.sha512sum)
* [tar.gz](archives/gpm-1.20.6.tar.gz)
* [tar.gz.sha512sum](archives/gpm-1.20.6.tar.gz.sha512sum)
* [tar.lzma](archives/gpm-1.20.6.tar.lzma)
* [tar.lzma.sha512sum](archives/gpm-1.20.6.tar.lzma.sha512sum)
* [Older archives](archives)
* You can [browse the source](browse_source) of the old releases, too.
There is the mirror
<a href=""></a>
<P>Is included in the package.</P>
<P>There is the irc channel #gpm on</P>
<h2>mailing lists</h2>
<h3>development and discussion list</h3>
## Support
### IRC
There is the irc channel [#gpm]( on
### mailing lists
#### development and discussion list
The mailing list devoted to gpm is "".
In order to subscribe to the mailing list, visit
<a href=""></a>
or send a message with "subscribe" in its body to
For example:
echo subscribe | mail
echo subscribe | mail
The mailing list archive can be found at
<h3>Commits archive and mailinglist </h3>
All published commits from the projects I am involved in are send here.
#### Commits mailinglist
All published commits from the projects I am involved in are send
to this mailinglist, including those commits to gpm.
* [Archive](
* [Mailinglist](