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[[!meta title="Cdist 3.1.1 released"]]
Here's a short overview about the changes found in version 3.1.1:
* Core: Make __object and __object_id available to code (Daniel Heule)
* New explorer: cpu_cores (Daniel Heule/Thomas Oettli)
* New explorer: cpu_sockets (Daniel Heule/Thomas Oettli)
* New explorer: machine_type (Daniel Heule/Thomas Oettli)
* New explorer: memory (Daniel Heule/Thomas Oettli)
* Type __jail: Fix parameter names in explorer (Jake Guffey)
* Type __line: Ensure permissions are kept (Steven Armstrong)
* Type __link: Do not create link in directory, if link exists (Steven Armstrong)
* Type __package_pkg_openbsd: Improve error handling (og)
For more information visit the [[cdist homepage|software/cdist]].
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