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@ -21,6 +21,8 @@ can view [the poster that was used on the presentation](http://git.schottelius.o
git clone git://git.schottelius.org/ceof
It is mirrored on github: git@github.com:telmich/ceof.git
### When the distro does not ship a Package for python3-gnupg
* Create an isolated python environment
@ -71,6 +73,10 @@ Add an address of your peer:
./src/bin/ceof peer apic --add-address tcp://
***Warning*** You need at least 6 peers for ceof to work.
6 peers is the minimum number of peers required by the protocol to function
### Prepare noise
ceof sends regulary noise to prevent people from recognising when you
@ -88,6 +94,20 @@ Test that ceof can use the noise:
./src/bin/ceof noise
### Prepare addresses to listen on
Add one tcp address to listen on
./src/bin/ceof listener --add tcp://
Show enabled listeners:
./src/bin/ceof listener --list
### Start the server
./src/bin/ceof server
## Support