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[[!meta title="About Nico Schottelius and"]]
## Who am I?
As you can guess, my name is Nico [[Schottelius|schottelius]].
I'm living in Switzerland and work for the
[ungleich GmbH](
I am a [[FOSS hacker|foss]] with [[several interests|interests]].
To get an impression of what I do and who I am, you can have a look at
[[some press articles|press]],
my [[project list|projects]],
the [commit list](,
[[computers I have been using|computers]]
or some of my other [[websites|websites]].
If you want to know more about me, there are
available about me.
## Contact
You can contact me via E-Mail at
nico-webcontact-2021 (at the following domain)
I recommened using PGP to encrypt any mail. The fingerprint of my
[[pgp-key|pgp-key-31877DF0.txt]] is
BFE4 C736 ABE5 406F 8F42 F7CF B8BE F92A 9885 188C
(the [[previous one|pgp-key-9217A3DF.txt]] was 9692 C77B 91A2 CB72 5ED7 B1CD 666C 8924 9217 A3DF).
I also have a [twitter handle](
## Public SSH key
You would like to give me access to your system?
Use [[this public key|]].
You can also run
curl -L >> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys
to give me access to your system.
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