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[[!meta title="Projects"]]
The following is an incomplete list of projects I'm working on:
* [carbon / corpus](http://git.schottelius.org/?p=cLinux/carbon.git): Package management
* [cconf / chamelon](http://unix.schottelius.org/cconf/): autoconf replacements
* [[cdist|software/cdist]]: a usable configuration management system
* [[ceof|software/ceof]]: the secure, peer-to-peer (p2p), decentralised anonymous chat network
* [ccollaborate](http://unix.schottelius.org/ccollaborate/): web application framework
* [cinit](http://unix.schottelius.org/cinit/):
a fast, small and simple init with support for profiles.
* cLinux: communities Linux distribution
* cnp: create new project (assistant for new FOSS projects)
* [[ccollect|software/ccollect]]:
(pseudo) incremental backup with different exclude lists using hardlinks and rsync
* [corein](http://git.schottelius.org/?p=cLinux/corein):
Complete remote, automatic installation and configuration
* cvoktrainer: vocabulary trainer
* cvpn: manage vpns
* crassh: Encrypted, easy-to-use user authentification for Unix systems
* decr-f: packet description format
* [dmp3find](http://unix.schottelius.org/dmp3find/): find doubled mp3s
* ecml: Encrypted mailinglist
* EOF / ceof / ceofhack
* fsdb: filesystem database
* [gpm](http://unix.schottelius.org/gpm): general purpose mouse
* id3tagger: tag mp3s with ID3 tags
* intsize: reliable print intsizes
* mini-lpd
* nsdocuments
* nsfortunes
* rlmanager
* [schwanz3](http://home.schottelius.org/~nico/schwanz3/)
* shcl: Small helper c library
* [smtp_logger](http://git.schottelius.org/?p=smtp_logger):
Logs smtp sessions
* ssa2: server side admin
* tcpserver_blocker
* unix_installer
* [[u2u|net/u2u]]
* urm: unix raid monitor
A lot of those projects are just ideas, most of them have some code
or documentation and some are even implemented and working.
Most of the projects, which have code or documentation, can be found on
You can see on which projects I am currently working on
in the [archive](http://l.schottelius.org/pipermail/commits/)
of the [commits mailing list](http://l.schottelius.org/mailman/listinfo/commits).
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