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[[!meta title="cinv - the Swiss Army Knife for inventory management"]]
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## Preamble
Cinv was formerly known under name the of **sexy**.
## Introduction
Cinv is the Swiss Army Knife for inventory management.
It allows you to manage hosts and network with a simple command
line interface.
Cinv stores inventory information in a **cconfig database** and
adapts to your environment by supporting custom backends.
In short, cinv can create and remove hosts and configure networks -
depending on your backend this means:
* cinv manages Virtual Machines
* cinv generates IPv4 address allocation (DHCP)
* cinv sets up your domain name system (DNS)
## Status
The release process for cinv version 2.0 has started and is planned
to happen in November 2012.
## Installation
Download cinv from git ([gitweb](http://git.schottelius.org/?p=cinv;a=summary)):
% git clone git://git.schottelius.org/cinv
Afterwards ensure that the **bin** directory is in your PATH and that you have python3
% which python3
% cd cinv
% export PATH=$PATH:$(pwd -P)/bin
Now you should be able to display the current cinv version:
% cinv -V
cinv 1.9.11-1-g837532c
### Mirrors
* git://github.com/telmich/cinv.git ([github](https://github.com/telmich/cinv))
## Support
### IRC
You can join the development ***IRC channel***
[#cstar on irc.freenode.net](irc://irc.freenode.org/#cstar).
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