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Darko Poljak 5092752786 Update build helper script in .gitattributes 2020-11-14 09:59:30 +01:00
Darko Poljak 4f40c6ac65 Re-arrange Makefile and build-helper script
Maintainers should use build-helper script.
End users should use Makefile, which contains targets
that can be run on pure source (without git repository).
2019-05-08 22:34:03 +02:00
Darko Poljak 9cb9771e33 Exclude man7 empty directory from archive. 2018-09-29 11:15:29 +02:00
Darko Poljak 26a8827ec2 Add gitattributes: export-ignore entries. 2018-03-15 06:33:05 +01:00