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asamihassan 44bab85ba7 person deletion method overload 8 months ago
PCoder 3b30b9666a Update Changlog 8 months ago
PCoder 30f0743c41 #11013: filter persons only with profile_on_web true for public search 8 months ago
PCoder db54e3c3d7 Merge remote-tracking branch 'ungleich-public/master' 9 months ago
PCoder d7199827da Fix infinite redirections in production 9 months ago
app 0574694d38 Revert back 9 months ago
app f88a037edc First working version 9 months ago
app bfe6fe610a Test: disable contents of 9 months ago
app 19b115434f 9 months ago
PCoder 674ab5d288 Copy to appropriate path 9 months ago
app 2c870df36c Add 9 months ago
PCoder 929d279b24 Use storage under /data 9 months ago
app 127a9ab8ec Merge branch 'master' of 9 months ago
app b7dfb676ec Fix collectstatic 9 months ago
app 079762250b nginx.conf: add missing terminating semicolon 9 months ago
app c7b525875d Avoid using deep link 9 months ago
app 4734789a25 gunicorn: Listen on both ipv6 and ipv4 interfaces 9 months ago
app 3a5cbc6325 Use POSTGRES_HOST and POSTGRES_PORT instead of SQL_* 9 months ago
app a80158da66 Merge branch '10884-dockerify' of into 10884-dockerify 9 months ago
app 5326ea7ab0 Use psql for dev as well 9 months ago
app 854ce75993 Fix location of 9 months ago
app 02aaccffed Attempt collectstatic in Dockerfile itselfw 9 months ago
app 5e50d3320e Use the same env file for db and web ( 9 months ago
app 0140a65602 Align constants 9 months ago
app 8f2f8b86e2 Use POSTGRES_* constants for uniformity 9 months ago
app e798679c6c Change default db to psql 9 months ago
mravi f85846cd48 Merge pull request '10884-dockerify' (#6) from 10884-dockerify into master
Reviewed-on: #6
9 months ago
PCoder 0123fd2eef Add media files config 9 months ago
PCoder 3eb5ba12d9 Add missing configs for nginx 9 months ago
PCoder bc4061f12a Prepare changelog for 2.0 9 months ago
PCoder 4cc03b6372 Remove unwanted files 9 months ago
PCoder 00c03e7bec Merge remote-tracking branch 'ungleich-public/master' into 10884-dockerify 9 months ago
PCoder 600ae8e5de Fix static files path in nginx.conf 9 months ago
PCoder 13b7918de1 Fix staticfiles path as per code 9 months ago
PCoder a91d2b16b6 Fix static files path and create the directory 9 months ago
app 5b64c4ee15 Use correct container name 9 months ago
app 5446daa87f Use hardcoded instance name for now 9 months ago
asamihassan 48a2585829 person save method overload 9 months ago
asamihassan 2c4fb66176 resource and relevant objs del 9 months ago
app f960c4e779 Add and nginx confs 10 months ago
app 3b9498d13d WIP: fixing docker compose scritps 10 months ago
PCoder 7fd30a5dcd Add production ready Dockerfle and entrypoint files 10 months ago
PCoder c5bfc46e33 Add first version of docker files 10 months ago
asamihassan b7f8e237fa missing search field organisation_english at organizationadmin 1 year ago
asamihassan c84ae636c5 added organisation and acronyms in admin query field 1 year ago
asamihassan 8e409d1a38 space changed too < in __str__ person 1 year ago
asamihassan 808f1d94bb alphabatecial order for query in person admin addition for country and dept 1 year ago
asamihassan 9dc9daa1e0 form to override autocomplete organization changed 1 year ago
asamihassan e8f8ee8ad3 form to override autocomplete organization field for Person class in admin 1 year ago
asamihassan d436650d2c [Persons] Offer caculated autocomplete identifiers 10146 1 year ago