Support secondary entrypoint

Nico Schottelius 4 years ago
parent d29cf55160
commit d83c53d564

@ -53,6 +53,12 @@ If you want to extend the https server, simply overwrite
**/etc/nginx/https.conf**. It is by default empty and only exists to
be overwritten. It is included in the https block and lets you define
proxy or other configurations that you need.
As this file is only included by the generated https server, you can
safely create it in your Dockerfile.
If you want start anything **after** the certificate was retrieved and
the https server is up and running, put your code into
**/**. Note: It should be executable.
## More information

@ -76,4 +76,10 @@ pkill nginx
# wait until old process is gone
sleep 2
nginx -g "daemon off;"
if [ -x / ]; then
sleep infinity