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PCoder 4d2ee8cf77 Add UserAccountValidationDetail model 4 years ago
PCoder 00bc02541d Add basic AUTH_LDAP_USER_ATTR_MAP 4 years ago
PCoder 47b714101b Reformat code 4 years ago
PCoder a6a6f8213b Add LoginForm 4 years ago
PCoder b60ffe6b58 Use python-decouple instead of django-dotenv + add logging 4 years ago
PCoder eb4dc68b32 Create logs dir 4 years ago
PCoder dab31aa853 Remove unwanted code / refactor code 4 years ago
PCoder c571cf5c1d Add bootstrap3 to INSTALLED_APPS 4 years ago
PCoder 467af3422c Update django bootstrap and filter requirements 4 years ago
PCoder c4c990a98d More correction 4 years ago
PCoder 876567f933 Correct the way we get ALLOWED_HOSTS 4 years ago
PCoder 5ec63d8536 Get ALLOWED_HOSTS and DEBUG from .env 4 years ago
PCoder 8b61db8dee Simplify getting LDAP_USE_TLS 4 years ago
PCoder 1673d6e03b Update .gitignore 4 years ago
PCoder ace2fa6eb9 Move project files to root directory 4 years ago
Nico Schottelius 2fd7bf3041 Cleanup, add modlist 4 years ago
Nico Schottelius 93677e6ad6 Try ldap auth using python-ldap 4 years ago
Nico Schottelius 8cd904dcdc Add ldap user create support 4 years ago
Nico Schottelius a7e6bdeb42 Make it run again[tm] 4 years ago
Nico Schottelius 0f0946b17f Cleanup 4 years ago
Nico Schottelius 9a44d45f39 Cleanup and add OS requirements 4 years ago
Nico Schottelius 6b21a3b1a0 +gitignore 4 years ago
Marcus Przyklink 030424d9c5 Merge branch 'master' into 'master' 4 years ago
Nico Schottelius 1721014d8d Update README 4 years ago
Nico Schottelius fb983b651d include working dump via wget -pk 4 years ago
downhill e425d47046 updated requirements.txt 4 years ago
downhill d80a871ca2 some further switching around 4 years ago
downhill fe265caec8 minor changes, can't figure it out 4 years ago
downhill f641b1a0e3 some basic design 4 years ago
downhill 12e9ff5cd3 first tries 4 years ago
downhill b512ee2f61 fixed some things 4 years ago
downhill 39f08c7939 fixed some bugs 4 years ago
downhill ea4c0ec178 ensure ssl 4 years ago
downhill 650b71a7c3 put gidNumber in 4 years ago
downhill 72ac665453 changes to check password length 4 years ago
downhill 5b7d67838b bugfixing 4 years ago
downhill d12a09a98e some minor changes for settings 4 years ago
downhill 955d894d64 updated README.md 4 years ago
downhill 260aa5e8f1 config for searchuser added 4 years ago
downhill c720f21e1d some bugfixes, config to example config, wrote function to get new uidNumber 4 years ago
downhill dfd537177e reset function added, some minor debugging/fixes 5 years ago
downhill 2eea482d80 wrote a resetlink function 5 years ago
downhill 0842679b55 Skeleton of resetrequest function 5 years ago
downhill c075872b43 wrote README.md, some minor changes to settings.py and nameko.conf 5 years ago
downhill b5b208b7da switched a bit of logic around, reduce the amount of ldap queries 5 years ago
downhill d98b85391d updated a bit 5 years ago
downhill 789b6e4ecf Fixed typos and bugs, running okay on testenv 5 years ago
downhill 09f7d42de4 Fixed some typos and a strange result 5 years ago
downhill 2b566aeb8e Fixed typos, especially the wrong attribute in <form> 5 years ago
downhill 06249d530d wrote templates, started nameko, cleaned up a bit 5 years ago