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evilham fbdcd8d6fc [__jitsi_meet*] Improve documentation
Also improve __jitsi_meet_user's support for removing users in that a password
is not required to remove them.
2 years ago
evilham a90c8b18e5 Merge branch 'jitsi_secured_domains' into 'master'
See merge request ungleich-public/cdist-contrib!34
2 years ago
pedro 87bc766115 [__jitsi_meet*] Add parameters for secure domains
This is done with slight adaptations from the official guide at

Amongst other changes, we rely on Prosody's configuration parser only overwriting the parts of a VirtualHost that are explicitly specified in "later appearing" (lexicographically speaking) files.
This allows us to let Jitsi manage the main config file and adding the few customisations on top of it.
We also use the Plaintext authenticator as this is enough atm and is the easiest to manage in an idempotent fashion; support for other authentication mechanisms is possible, see Prosody's documentation for that.
2 years ago
evilham ccd3f364e4 [__jitsi_meet_domain] Support passing the branded index in stdin 2 years ago
evilham 9de330a945 Merge branch 'jitsi-fix-versioning' into 'master'
[__jitsi_meet] Update to 2.0.5765, add versioning parameter.

See merge request ungleich-public/cdist-contrib!32
2 years ago
evilham 2a97346979 [__jitsi_meet] Update to 2.3, add versioning parameter.
Jitsi's repositories have rotated keys, this removes the previous key if
necessary and ensures the new key is present.

Can't be merged until following lands:
since we rely on `--use-deprecated-apt-key` and the improvements in the type to
modify the keyring in a reliable fashion.

This also updates the exporter to version 1.1.5 released on April 25th 2021.
2 years ago
sparrowhawk 92d5753414
__jool: make __start_on_boot depend on package. 2 years ago
sparrowhawk cbc91a500f
__bird_static: update to use `channel` param instead of `ipv4` switch. 2 years ago
evilham 42a44ffed6 [__jitsi_meet_domain] Stop using deprecated flags 2 years ago
evilham c3dbbc9d0d [__jitsi_meet_domain] Updated version and fixed branding issues
commit 80599bb91a63cef61c00900c97ea89d7ab8cb799
Author: Evilham <>
Date:   Thu Apr 29 20:36:11 2021 +0200

    [__jitsi_meet_video] Fix shellcheck

commit 6d25c36c01ba76a0465f2cc676b8205f09bf1160
Author: pedrolab <>
Date:   Wed Apr 28 22:02:31 2021 +0200

    [__jitsi_meet_domain] config.js to 2.0.5765-1

    thanks @evilham

commit e60a46f8d2124859ce2ea4a6fbe8e7d37deef3d6
Author: pedrolab <>
Date:   Wed Apr 28 22:00:13 2021 +0200

    [__jitsi_meet_domain] fixes #4 branding
2 years ago
fnux 5581cbabf9 Merge branch 'jool' into 'master'
Implement __jool type.

See merge request ungleich-public/cdist-contrib!28
2 years ago
sparrowhawk 6a0647cd90
[__jool]: fail on unkown alpine kernel. 2 years ago
sparrowhawk 40d19f0ad6
[__jool] Use explorer to determine alpine kernel version. 2 years ago
sparrowhawk 272e4669fe
Implement __jool type. 2 years ago
sparrowhawk f181b5ddb4
Pull updates to __borg_repo from types. 2 years ago
fnux ed2f891200 Merge branch 'newtype/pass' into 'master'
Initial implementation of the __pass type.

See merge request ungleich-public/cdist-contrib!19
2 years ago
fnux af9f718a19 Merge branch 'newtype/bird-xxx' into 'master'
Add bird_xxx types.

See merge request ungleich-public/cdist-contrib!27
2 years ago
sparrowhawk 3f0798d645 Add bird_xxx types. 2 years ago
fnux 2d0491dafd
[__unbound_exporter] fix chicken-egg problem for service start 2 years ago
fnux 16b5158ef5 Merge branch 'uacme' into 'master'
TLS certificates with uacme

See merge request ungleich-public/cdist-contrib!25
2 years ago
sparrowhawk 73c14825bc
Fix remarks on __uacme_obtain. 2 years ago
sparrowhawk f4caa52750
Cleanup so the output is more elegant. 2 years ago
sparrowhawk 5d9bebbdb5
Fix remarks on __uacme_account. 2 years ago
sparrowhawk 5e2a28d929
Remove -x from script to avoid empty cron messages. 2 years ago
fnux c80d041e1c Merge branch 'wikijs-user' into 'master'
[__wikijs] run under own user

See merge request ungleich-public/cdist-contrib!26
2 years ago
fnux 859a156cef
[__wikijs] run under own user 2 years ago
fnux 71c28b9d1f Merge branch '__matrix_synapse' into 'master'
__matrix_synapse types

See merge request ungleich-public/cdist-contrib!9
2 years ago
fnux 3263c5dddd
[__matrix_synapse] add outbound-federation-worker parameter 2 years ago
fnux e10ae4d0a7
[__matrix_synapse] Wire parameters for PGSQL pool size 2 years ago
fnux 7983e341e5
[__matrix_synapse] fix yet more typos in parameter handling 2 years ago
fnux 4e37bc2245
[__matrix_synapse] fix typo in complexity threshold handling 2 years ago
fnux b3f5244cd6
__matrix_synapse: fix SMTP password handling 2 years ago
fnux d589993c6d
[__matrix_synapse] fix typo/error in LDAP configuration handling 2 years ago
fnux f27e65f8e0
[__matrix_synapse*] add --bind-address flag 2 years ago
fnux 1370abb991
[__uacme_*] Import from cdist-recycledcloud 2 years ago
fnux f1bab1e23b
[__wikijs] add missing executable bit to initd service 2 years ago
fnux 028583f096
[__matrix_synapse_worker] fix config-path parameter in systemd unit 2 years ago
fnux 467a1350bf
[__matrix_synapse_worker] bind both v6 and v4, set x_forwarded 2 years ago
fnux f3d8717e69
[__matrix_synapse] fix typo in __apt_backports call 2 years ago
fnux 6487839cf5
[__matrix_synapse_worker] various tweaks and fixes following testing 2 years ago
fnux adc335669d
[__matrix_synapse] use __apt_backport instead of __apt_source 2 years ago
fnux 12575d661b
[__matrix_synapse] add documentation for --registration-shared-secret 2 years ago
fnux e8b0ced1b1
[__matrix_synapse] various configuration fixes 2 years ago
fnux c84831331e
[__matrix_synapse_worker] add forgotten variable export 2 years ago
fnux 33bf0fd416
[__matrix_synapse] wire TLS certs, fix some templating errors 2 years ago
fnux 37762dd1ca
[__matrix_synapse_worker] initial implementation 2 years ago
fnux 2bcc815555
[__matrix_synapse] wire up worker mode 2 years ago
fnux a1ad30f0c5
[__matrix_synapse] refresh manpage, fix various parameter handling issues 2 years ago
fnux 409591f7e7
ci: do not run docs job in forks 2 years ago
fnux c4057f267f
Update cdist-recycledcloud URL in README 2 years ago