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evilham 239a1f20cf
[__runit] Add support for older Devuan systems 3 weeks ago
evilham c07487ea69
[__jitsi_meet*] Update to 2.0.8319-1 3 weeks ago
evilham 11ecb37dd9
[__jitsi_meet] Add --abort-conference-count parameter 9 months ago
evilham 03a9b8b333
[__jitsi_meet*] Update to 2.0.7439-1 9 months ago
evilham 7a3b706b16
[__jitsi_meet*] Update to 2.0.7416-1 9 months ago
evilham 756e5b17c6
[__jitsi_meet*] Update to 2.0.7287-1 10 months ago
evilham 797f7c8648
[__jitsi_meet] Improve manpage regarding ufw and SSH 11 months ago
evilham 1791d35f84
[__jitsi_meet_domain] Add a muc_room_cache_size for jibri 11 months ago
evilham 8e1d0b68f1
[__jitsi_meet*] Add new parameters for heavier branding 11 months ago
evilham aa3f2eeb00
[__jitsi_meet_domain] Make shellcheck happy and fix escaping issue 11 months ago
evilham a63d9ec458
[__jitsi_meet] Configure jicofo so metrics are more useful 11 months ago
evilham 0cff414884
[__jitsi_meet] Simplify exporter logic and update it to 1.2.0 11 months ago
evilham 977b530dab
[__single_binary_service] Update manpage to remove __evilham prefix 11 months ago
evilham 1865ff9dce Add 'type/__single_binary_service/' from commit '1af7e960fa882efc7202cad5cc01d3136886fa0a' 11 months ago
fnux 67bc8aa02b
__uacme_obtain: allow use of stdin with the --renew-hook parameter 11 months ago
evilham 151dc32fb5
[__jitsi_meet*] Add support for simultaneous interpretations 11 months ago
evilham 7e2ba98d36
[__jitsi_meet] Fix issue with jicofo memory adaptation 11 months ago
evilham 1658121549
[__jitsi_meet*] Update to 2.0.7210 11 months ago
evilham c5070a3a33
[__jitsi_meet] Fix adjustment of jicofo's max memory 11 months ago
evilham 80bbbd3aa8
[__jitsi_meet] Adapt jicofo and videobridge memory usage 11 months ago
evilham 87cc109bf1
[__jitsi_meet*] Make rooms on different domains not equivalent 11 months ago
evilham a12b343660
[__jitsi_meet_domain] Add analytics settings parameter 11 months ago
evilham 29cafd4f9a
[__jitsi_meet_domain] Simplify logic for secured domains 11 months ago
evilham fa37ede84f
[__jitsi_meet] Unconfuse jitsi-version and secured domains 12 months ago
sparrowhawk af04f7464b
[__nginx_vhost]: follow Alpine vhost default directory change. 1 year ago
sparrowhawk a6f6a7fba8
[__jitsi_meet]: Fix deprecated usage of __debconf_set_selections. 1 year ago
evilham a1b3a034c7
[__jitsi_meet_domain] Support the --state parameter 1 year ago
evilham ac99cd8d84
[__jitsi_meet_domain] Update to 2.0.7001-1 1 year ago
evilham ac03f05766 [__jitsi_meet] Fix bug with secured domains 1 year ago
evilham ecd10de2d3
[__opendkim*] FreeBSD support and minor fixes 1 year ago
sparrowhawk 422b97bc1b
[systemd_resolved]: make singleton. 1 year ago
sparrowhawk f6d0cbbeb7
__systemd_resolved: initial implementation. 1 year ago
fnux 9a779aafa3
__matrix_synapse: add --disable-{displayname,3pid}-changes flag 1 year ago
sparrowhawk 727fbd55fb
[bird_radv] Add option to include MTU in RAs. 1 year ago
sparrowhawk 6310db7301
[bird_bgp]: minor cleanup. 1 year ago
sparrowhawk 3f52e758fc
__systemd-network: initial implementation. 1 year ago
sparrowhawk 4fdba43dd6
[__matrix_synapse]: typos in manpage. 1 year ago
fnux c32a1836aa
__matrix_synapse: add --sso-template-dir parameter 1 year ago
fnux 287d8df9bd
__matrix_synapse: set message min lifetime (although currently ignored 1 year ago
fnux 723d7ed250
__matrix_element: add more branding parameters 1 year ago
fnux 974e42e20e
__matrix_synapse: add --saml2-mapping-provider-extra-settings flag 1 year ago
fnux c198a74a34
__matrix_element: add --identity_server_url flag 1 year ago
fnux 35e1477521
__matrix_synapse: fix ignored --enable-3pid-lookups flag 1 year ago
fnux b2c1fee672
__matrix_synapse: add --saml2-mapping-provider-module flag 1 year ago
fnux eecb2b4629
__bird_ospf: ass -extra-area-configuration parameter 1 year ago
sparrowhawk 023206d3d9
borg-repo: add ubuntu as supported OS. 1 year ago
fnux c466733111
__matrix_synapse: add --enable-3pid-lookups flag, normalize indentation 1 year ago
fnux afe76af679
__matterbridge: add support for ubuntu, fix configuration via STDIN 1 year ago
fnux 35e299a5d1
__matrix_synapse: add --saml2-sp-key and --saml2-sp-cert flags 1 year ago
evilham e052178122 [__jitsi*] Update to 2.0.6726 1 year ago