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Nico Schottelius bb32754194 Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh:// 2 years ago
adobe-source-code-pro-font-not-for-small-sizes report about the adobe source code pro font 11 years ago
cdist-performance-2.0.0-rc4 cdist performance 2.0.0-rc4 12 years ago
change-colour-for-ls-to-work-with-bright-terminal-background smaller images 8 years ago
comic-qemu-tap-bridge-bond-lacp-arista-network-loop and resize to make it fit on page 11 years ago kvm documentation blog entry 10 years ago
macbook-air-42-touchpad-keyboard-correct-screen-resolution document on how to get screen resolution, keyboard and touchpad working on the mba 4,2 12 years ago
my-bash-and-zsh-prompt prompt howto for bash/zsh 11 years ago
new-wireless-gigabit-linux-router-for-ungleich-office new wireless router for ungleich 10 years ago
news-2013-01-22 +image 10 years ago
openssh-6.2-add-callback-functionality-using-dynamic-remote-port-forwarding ++dynamic port forwarding patch + blog entry 10 years ago
puppet-empties-new-and-existing-files add missing debuglog 12 years ago +article about sexy and cdist 10 years ago
support-fiascos update the dell case 3 years ago
about-init-dependencies.mdwn correct the init deps article 14 years ago
accept-returns-0.mdwn blogentry: accept returns 0 14 years ago
added-fgallery-to-static-gallery-generators.mdwn Fix link to the list 7 years ago
adobe-source-code-pro-font-not-for-small-sizes.mdwn + add adobe source code pro to font list 11 years ago
alpine-linux-on-the-hp-x360-1040-g5-notebook.mdwn fix brightness, document sound 4 years ago
android-backup-and-restore-without-google.mdwn add android backup and restore blog entry 11 years ago
announced-first-sans-meeting.mdwn publish sans meeting announcement 13 years ago
archlinux-single-authentication-database.mdwn archlinux/single auth db 12 years ago
attitude-of-the-foss-community-a-matter-of-perspective.mdwn +hn link 9 years ago
automated-unix-installations.mdwn how to automatically install all unices 12 years ago
buy-pirated-game-no-time-to-explain.mdwn blog/no time to explain 12 years ago
ccollect-0.8-many-changes-quiet-if-down.mdwn blogentry: ccollect-0.8-many-changes-quiet-if-down.mdwn 14 years ago
ccollect-0.8-rpm-available.mdwn add blogentry about ccollect/0.8/rpm 14 years ago
ccollect-0.8-to-be-released-soon.mdwn blog: ccollect 0.8 soon 14 years ago
cdist-2.0.1-released.mdwn add hint about new features in cdist 2.0.1 12 years ago
cdist-2.0.5-released.mdwn +cdist release 11 years ago
cdist-2.0.6-released.mdwn +blog entry for cdist 2.0.6 11 years ago
cdist-2.0.7-released.mdwn +blogentry 11 years ago
cdist-2.0.8-released.mdwn cdist 2.0.8 released - blogentry 11 years ago
cdist-2.0.9-released.mdwn +blogentry 11 years ago
cdist-2.0.10-released.mdwn +cdist 2.0.10 blogentry 11 years ago
cdist-2.0.11-security-bugfix-release.mdwn cdist security bugfix release 11 years ago
cdist-2.0.12-released.mdwn add blogentry for cdist 2.0.12 release 11 years ago
cdist-2.0.13-released.mdwn ++cdist release 11 years ago
cdist-2.0.14-released.mdwn +announcement: cdist 2.0.14 11 years ago
cdist-2.1.0-released.mdwn New cdist version (blogentry): 2.1.0 10 years ago
cdist-2.1.0pre7-released.mdwn New cdist version (blogentry): 2.1.0pre7 11 years ago
cdist-2.1.0pre8-released.mdwn New cdist version (blogentry): 2.1.0pre8 10 years ago
cdist-2.1.1-released.mdwn New cdist version (blogentry): 2.1.1 10 years ago
cdist-2.1.2-released.mdwn cdist blog update: 2.1.2 10 years ago
cdist-2.2.0-released.mdwn cdist blog update: 2.2.0 10 years ago
cdist-2.3.0-released.mdwn cdist blog update: 2.3.0 10 years ago
cdist-2.3.1-released.mdwn cdist blog update: 2.3.1 10 years ago
cdist-2.3.2-released.mdwn cdist blog update: 2.3.2 10 years ago
cdist-2.3.3-released.mdwn cdist blog update: 2.3.3 10 years ago
cdist-2.3.4-released.mdwn cdist blog update: 2.3.4 10 years ago
cdist-2.3.5-released.mdwn correct typo 10 years ago
cdist-2.3.6-released.mdwn cdist blog update: 2.3.6 9 years ago
cdist-2.3.7-released.mdwn cdist blog update: 2.3.7 9 years ago
cdist-3.0.0-released.mdwn absolute link 9 years ago
cdist-3.0.1-released.mdwn cdist blog update: 3.0.1 9 years ago
cdist-3.0.2-released.mdwn cdist blog update: 3.0.2 9 years ago
cdist-3.0.3-released.mdwn cdist blog update: 3.0.3 9 years ago
cdist-3.0.4-released.mdwn cdist blog update: 3.0.4 9 years ago
cdist-3.0.5-released.mdwn cdist blog update: 3.0.5 9 years ago
cdist-3.0.6-released.mdwn cdist blog update: 3.0.6 9 years ago
cdist-3.0.7-released.mdwn cdist blog update: 3.0.7 9 years ago
cdist-3.0.8-released.mdwn cdist blog update: 3.0.8 9 years ago
cdist-3.0.9-released.mdwn cdist blog update: 3.0.9 9 years ago
cdist-3.1.0-released.mdwn cdist blog update: 3.1.0 9 years ago
cdist-3.1.1-released.mdwn cdist blog update: 3.1.1 9 years ago
cdist-3.1.2-released.mdwn cdist blog update: 3.1.2 9 years ago
cdist-3.1.3-released.mdwn cdist blog update: 3.1.3 9 years ago
cdist-3.1.4-released.mdwn cdist blog update: 3.1.4 9 years ago
cdist-3.1.5-released.mdwn cdist blog update: 3.1.5 9 years ago
cdist-3.1.6-released.mdwn cdist blog update: 3.1.6 9 years ago
cdist-3.1.7-released.mdwn cdist blog update: 3.1.7 9 years ago
cdist-3.1.8-released.mdwn cdist blog update: 3.1.8 9 years ago
cdist-3.1.9-released.mdwn cdist blog update: 3.1.9 9 years ago
cdist-3.1.10-released.mdwn cdist blog update: 3.1.10 8 years ago
cdist-3.1.11-released.mdwn cdist blog update: 3.1.11 8 years ago
cdist-3.1.12-released.mdwn cdist blog update: 3.1.12 8 years ago
cdist-3.1.13-released.mdwn cdist blog update: 3.1.13 8 years ago
cdist-4.0.0-released.mdwn cdist manpages update: 4.0.0 7 years ago
cdist-4.0.0pre1-released.mdwn add some hints into release blog entry 9 years ago
cdist-4.0.0pre2-released.mdwn cdist blog update: 4.0.0pre2 9 years ago
cdist-4.0.0pre3-released.mdwn cdist blog update: 4.0.0pre3 9 years ago
cdist-4.1.0-released.mdwn cdist manpages update: 4.1.0 7 years ago
cdist-4.2.0-released.mdwn cdist manpages update: 4.2.0 7 years ago
cdist-4.2.1-released.mdwn cdist manpages update: 4.2.1 7 years ago
cdist-4.2.2-released.mdwn cdist manpages update: 4.2.2 7 years ago
cdist-4.3.0-released.mdwn cdist manpages update: 4.3.0 7 years ago
cdist-4.3.1-released.mdwn cdist manpages update: 4.3.1 7 years ago
cdist-4.3.2-released.mdwn cdist manpages update: 4.3.2 7 years ago
cdist-4.4.0-released.mdwn cdist manpages update: 4.4.0 6 years ago
cdist-4.4.1-released.mdwn cdist manpages update: 4.4.1 6 years ago
cdist-4.4.2-released.mdwn cdist manpages update: 4.4.2 6 years ago
cdist-4.4.3-released.mdwn cdist manpages update: 4.4.3 6 years ago
cdist-4.4.4-released.mdwn cdist manpages update: 4.4.4 6 years ago
cdist-4.5.0-released.mdwn cdist manpages update: 4.5.0 6 years ago
cdist-4.6.0-released.mdwn cdist manpages update: 4.6.0 6 years ago
cdist-4.6.1-released.mdwn cdist manpages update: 4.6.1 6 years ago
cdist-4.7.0-released.mdwn cdist manpages update: 4.7.0 6 years ago
cdist-4.7.1-released.mdwn cdist manpages update: 4.7.1 6 years ago
cdist-4.7.2-released.mdwn cdist manpages update: 4.7.2 5 years ago
cdist-4.7.3-released.mdwn cdist manpages update: 4.7.3 5 years ago
cdist-4.8.0-released.mdwn cdist manpages update: 4.8.0 5 years ago
cdist-4.8.1-released.mdwn cdist manpages update: 4.8.1 5 years ago
cdist-4.8.2-released.mdwn cdist manpages update: 4.8.2 5 years ago
cdist-4.8.3-released.mdwn cdist manpages update: 4.8.3 5 years ago
cdist-4.8.4-released.mdwn cdist manpages update: 4.8.4 5 years ago
cdist-4.9.0-released.mdwn cdist manpages update: 4.9.0 5 years ago
cdist-4.9.1-released.mdwn cdist manpages update: 4.9.1 5 years ago
cdist-4.10.0-released.mdwn cdist manpages update: 4.10.0 5 years ago
cdist-4.10.1-released.mdwn cdist manpages update: 4.10.1 5 years ago
cdist-4.10.2-released.mdwn cdist manpages update: 4.10.2 5 years ago
cdist-4.10.3-released.mdwn cdist manpages update: 4.10.3 5 years ago
cdist-4.10.4-released.mdwn cdist manpages update: 4.10.4 4 years ago
cdist-4.10.5-released.mdwn cdist manpages update: 4.10.5 4 years ago
cdist-4.10.6-released.mdwn cdist manpages update: 4.10.6 4 years ago
cdist-4.10.7-released.mdwn cdist manpages update: 4.10.7 4 years ago
cdist-4.10.8-released.mdwn cdist manpages update: 4.10.8 4 years ago
cdist-4.10.9-released.mdwn cdist manpages update: 4.10.9 4 years ago
cdist-4.10.10-released.mdwn cdist manpages update: 4.10.10 4 years ago
cdist-4.10.11-released.mdwn cdist manpages update: 4.10.11 4 years ago
cdist-4.11.0-released.mdwn cdist manpages update: 4.11.0 4 years ago
cdist-4.11.1-released.mdwn cdist manpages update: 4.11.1 4 years ago
cdist-hint-apply-single-object.mdwn +qoutes 10 years ago
cdist-performance-2.0.0-rc4.mdwn change size 12 years ago
cdist-python-3.2-requirement.mdwn add cdist/python 3.2 blog article 11 years ago
cdist-shell-scripts-functions-local-variables.mdwn +braces 12 years ago
cdist-transfer-files-recursively.mdwn correct typos and metacharecter expansion 10 years ago
ceofhack-qt4-ui.mdwn blogentry@ ceofhack-qt4-ui 14 years ago
ceofhack-ui-support-1.mdwn new blog entries 14 years ago
change-colour-for-ls-to-work-with-bright-terminal-background.mdwn +comment -size 8 years ago
cinit-0.3pre15-released.mdwn correct copy and paste error 14 years ago
cinit-0.3pre16-released.mdwn blog: cinit-0.3pre16 14 years ago
cinit-0.3pre17-released.mdwn released cinit-0.3pre17 14 years ago
cinit-0.3pre18-released.mdwn release cinit-0.3pre18 14 years ago
cinit-0.3pre19-released.mdwn update to cinit-0.3pre19 14 years ago
cinit-alive-and-being-migrated.mdwn cinit blog entry 14 years ago
cinit-migrated.mdwn migrated cinit to 14 years ago
clinux-migrating-to-cstar.mdwn migrate to cstar 12 years ago
comic-qemu-tap-bridge-bond-lacp-arista-network-loop.mdwn and resize to make it fit on page 11 years ago
configuration-installation-server-bootstrap.mdwn -typo 12 years ago
control-and-shutdown-qemu-kvm-vm-via-unix-socket.mdwn how to control Qemu/KVM from the commandline 11 years ago
created-photo-website.mdwn +braces 13 years ago
ctt-0.4-released.mdwn +ctt 0.9 10 years ago
ctt-0.7-released.mdwn +ctt 0.9 10 years ago
ctt-0.8-released.mdwn +ctt 0.9 10 years ago
ctt-0.9-released.mdwn +ctt 0.9 10 years ago
ctt-1.1-released.mdwn ctt 1.1 released blog 6 years ago
debian-ubuntu-fsck-skip-on-battery-bug.mdwn add the debian-ubuntu-battery-skip-fsck-bug blogentry 14 years ago
debian-with-ldap-forgets-users.mdwn add blogentry about missing users 14 years ago
dell-r815-hands-on-with-linux.mdwn move get-sysinfo to its own dir 13 years ago
do-not-rely-on-systemd.mdwn blog: do not rely on systemd 2 years ago
dot-gitconfig-with-git-lo-lco-lpo-lpco-m-pl.mdwn add new .gitconfig 13 years ago
find-emails-in-git-log-for-notification.mdwn enhance script 11 years ago
firefox-middlemouse-scrolling-paste.mdwn scrolling / firefox 13 years ago
first-version-of-fui-released.mdwn announce first fui version 13 years ago
format-sd-card-usb-stick-under-linux-for-canon-cp800-printer.mdwn how to format a sd card correctly for the canon cp 800 printer 12 years ago
fui-0.2-released.mdwn announce fui-0.2 13 years ago
fui-0.3-released.mdwn release fui-0.3 13 years ago
generic-automatic-linux-installation-for-different-distributions.mdwn -typos 12 years ago
glusterfs-foss-development-is-awesome.mdwn adverb ftw 8 years ago
gpm-1.20.7-released.mdwn +, 11 years ago
gpm2-published.mdwn posts to ml is better 13 years ago
great-rails-hosting-a-symlink-for-an-app.mdwn +tag 10 years ago
guide-for-it-bosses.mdwn update for the guide for it bosses 10 years ago
how-cronie-anacron-cron-hourly-daily-weekly-work.mdwn and add real solution 11 years ago
how-to-access-gluster-from-multiple-networks.mdwn fix the title 8 years ago
how-to-add-private-puppet-modules-to-a-public-puppet-repository.mdwn update puppet blog entries 11 years ago
how-to-backup-the-piratebay-and-its-content.mdwn update to tpb backup 10 years ago
how-to-extract-your-amazon-ebooks-from-the-android-kindle-app.mdwn +e 8 years ago
how-to-find-and-execute-stuff-on-all-hosts.mdwn blog: how-to-find-and-execute-stuff-on-all-hosts 11 years ago
how-to-generate-crypted-md5-password-shadow.mdwn english +++ 13 years ago
how-to-inform-people-about-better-solutions.mdwn better solutions - how? 12 years ago
how-to-show-the-latest-git-tag.mdwn add correct indention 8 years ago
i-want-a-decentralised-bugtracker.mdwn add article about a decentralised bug tracker 14 years ago
ikiwiki-has-been-slow.mdwn sent -> send 14 years ago
ikiwiki-is-slow.mdwn yes, ikiwiki is slow for me - but I still like it 14 years ago
introducing-simple-universal-time.mdwn blog about sut 10 years ago
iptables-distribution-independent-powered-by-cdist-sponsored-by-panter.mdwn ssh == port 22 9 years ago
k8s-ipv6-only-cluster.mdwn Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh:// 2 years ago correct the usual typos 10 years ago
lenovo-x201-with-linux.mdwn correct url 13 years ago
libpr0n-the-internet-is-for-porn.mdwn add blogenrty libpr0n: an image rendering library for Mozilla 14 years ago
lighttpd-plone-rewrite-redirect.mdwn add topic headers 14 years ago
linux-cannot-ping-self.mdwn solve cannot ping myself problem 13 years ago
linux-on-macbook-pro-2016.mdwn s/chat/chat.with/ 3 years ago
linux-users-light-on-horizon.mdwn typos fixed 3 years ago
linux-virtual-machines-a-real-pain.mdwn add blog article about linux virtual machines 13 years ago
lxc-insecure-since-2011.mdwn lxc is still insecure 9 years ago
macbook-air-42-archlinux.mdwn rename 12 years ago
macbook-air-42-correcting-multimedia-key-mapping-and-status.mdwn two more issues 12 years ago
macbook-air-42-linux-status-report.mdwn make a valid filename for ikiwiki 11 years ago
macbook-air-42-touchpad-click-and-move-fixed.mdwn click and move seems to be fixed on macbook air 4,2! 11 years ago
macbook-air-42-touchpad-keyboard-correct-screen-resolution.mdwn document on how to get screen resolution, keyboard and touchpad working on the mba 4,2 12 years ago
managing-custom-software-with-environment-modules-in-the-systems-group.mdwn title change, a sunny day, isn't it? 12 years ago
maybe-systemd-is-not-the-best-idea.mdwn systemd may not have been the best idea 9 years ago
migrate-ubuntu-to-cinit.mdwn add blog article about ubuntu/cinit migration 14 years ago migrated 10 years ago migrated 13 years ago migrated u.s.o 13 years ago
migrating-away-from-puppet-to-cdist.mdwn update migration to cdist blog entry 12 years ago
migration-1-configs.mdwn add note about migration of configuration files 14 years ago
migration-2-freebsd-raid-monitoring-foss.mdwn new blog entries 14 years ago
migration-3-ccollect.mdwn add article about the ccollect migration 14 years ago
migration-4-gpm.mdwn announce migration of gpm to 14 years ago
migration-5-gpgme-introduction.mdwn migrated article into this site 14 years ago
mozilla-conkeror-change-tempdir.mdwn add blogentry about conkeror, mozilla and a temp directory 14 years ago
my-bash-and-zsh-prompt.mdwn the usual blog corrections 11 years ago
my-notebook-firewall-36c3.mdwn s/chat/chat.with/ 3 years ago
my-photo-publishing-approach.mdwn -typo +url 13 years ago
new-comments-about-ccollect.mdwn new quotes/comments for ccollect 12 years ago
new-wireless-gigabit-linux-router-for-ungleich-office.mdwn -typo +panter 10 years ago
news-2013-01-22.mdwn +++ 10 years ago
nginx-prioritise-x-accel-before-regular-expressions.mdwn fix typo in url 9 years ago
nodejs-and-ipv6-only-networks.mdwn ++nodejs bug 2 years ago
nscd-bugs.mdwn documentate nscd bugs 13 years ago
offlineimap-and-hpodder-need-a-maintainer.mdwn add tag 13 years ago
openssh-6.2-add-callback-functionality-using-dynamic-remote-port-forwarding.mdwn update openssh url 7 years ago
postfix-postgres-sasl-error-authentication-failed-authentication-failure.mdwn import blog article 14 years ago
published-ceofhack.mdwn add article about ceofhack publishing 14 years ago
published-creature.mdwn formatting issues 13 years ago
published-efsh-puppet-module.mdwn update puppet blog entries 11 years ago
published-java-prayer-webmail-collectd-puppet-modules.mdwn update puppet blog entries 11 years ago
published-list-of-projects.mdwn correct wording 14 years ago
published-machine-booking-system-mbs-eth-zurich.mdwn add mbs blog entry 13 years ago
published-openntpd-ethz-puppet-module.mdwn update puppet blog entries 11 years ago
published-postgresql-puppet-module.mdwn update puppet blog entries 11 years ago
published-smtp_logger.mdwn Vortrag hinzu: vortraege-halten (easterhegg) 14 years ago
published-static-image-gallery-generator-comparison.mdwn typo 13 years ago
published-xorg-terminal-emulator-fonts.mdwn correct title 13 years ago
puppet-bugs-motivation-for-migration-and-cdist.mdwn +dates 11 years ago
puppet-duplicate-definition-on-the-same-line.mdwn update puppet 11 years ago
puppet-empties-new-and-existing-files.mdwn update puppet 11 years ago
puppet-name-is-not-as-expected-but-classname.mdwn reference puppet documentation 11 years ago
puppet-sometimes-loads-a-class.mdwn update puppet 11 years ago
reboot-linux-if-task-blocked-for-more-than-n-seconds.mdwn minor corrections to blog article 13 years ago
released-ccollect-0.8.mdwn article about ccollect 0.8 14 years ago
released-ceofhack-0.6.mdwn typo 13 years ago
released-efsh-0.2.mdwn release new version of efsh 13 years ago
remote-management-names-rmm-drac-ilom-imm-ilo.mdwn blog: remote-management-names-rmm-drac-ilom-imm-ilo 14 years ago
replaced-pgp-key-9885188C-with-31877DF0.mdwn add blogentry about the new pgp key 14 years ago
restart-to-write-news.mdwn +plonehint 14 years ago
ruby-ncurses-ceofhack-fui.mdwn add blogentry 13 years ago
ruby-on-rails-fix-hostname-does-not-match-the-server-certificate.mdwn +fix ssl error 9 years ago
sans-puppet-meeting-20100825.mdwn blog / sans / puppet 13 years ago
searching-notebook-for-a-digital-nomad.mdwn +hn 9 years ago -typo +panter 10 years ago
sexy-backend-change-dns-support.mdwn add a link to the sexy db and cdist db 11 years ago
sexy-cdist-interaction-sexy-chooses-cdist-configures.mdwn first sexy/cdist example 11 years ago
sexy-is-being-renamed-to-cinv.mdwn sexy -> cinv 9 years ago
sexy-network-bootstrap.mdwn small change == dns 11 years ago
solution-proposal-for-the-io-select-poll-problem.mdwn more smaller cleanups 13 years ago blog: 13 years ago
static-nameserver-and-search-path-with-dhcpcd.mdwn blog: static nameserver and search path with dhcpcd 13 years ago
stdin-here-documents-templating-in-cdist.mdwn change title 9 years ago
support-fiascos.mdwn + finish dell support case 3 years ago
sysadmin-bootstrap-1.mdwn correct typo in filename 13 years ago
sysadmin-bootstrap-2.mdwn blog article corrections 13 years ago
the-power-of-vim-mail-editing.mdwn +the power of vim for mail editing 9 years ago
treat-virtual-machines-like-hardware.mdwn answer the why question 9 years ago
tunneling-qemu-kvm-unix-socket-via-ssh.mdwn add article about vnc/ssh/qemu/kvm tunneling 13 years ago
ungleich-blog.mdwn +ungleich blog 9 years ago
update-puppetmaster-before-puppet-clients.mdwn update puppet blog entries 11 years ago
urxvt-change-font-dynamically.mdwn update to github url 8 years ago
use-smart-passphrases-stop-enforcing-weak-and-complicated-passwords.mdwn +xkcd 10 years ago
volume-keys-on-lenovo-x200-x201-xbindkeys.mdwn add article about the volume keys 13 years ago
what-is-configuration-management.mdwn -typo 12 years ago
why-centos-does-not-stop-your-init-script.mdwn centos does not stop the init script, if not using a marker 11 years ago
xorg-disable-touchpad-with-xinput.mdwn add article how to disable touchpad 13 years ago